Happy Father\’s day! #CAUSEACHATTER #Blogchatter

Every father’s way of showering love may be different, and I think everyone would agree with me on this. For one, it is speaking about their child proudly with a smile on their lips and shine in their eyes, for one it is speaking words of hope and encouragement to their children, for one it is advising and correcting their children in all the ways to make them better, for one it might be to buy surprise gifts, for one it might be just a hug, one might be strong to say to their children \’ you should know what it is like to fall and rise stronger than ever before and move forward in life\’, one might be overprotective that they cannot see their child fall. Be it in whatever way your father shows his love to you, remember he is the best in his way. A father’s love is the one that makes these immortal words of Shakespeare true.

\”Love does not love that alters when its alteration finds\”.

All that I am is because of you,

To protect, love and be responsible, I learned from you,

To nurture friendship, and go a step forward to help others, I learned from you,

Every big and small thing in my life I owe to you,

To be strong and say ‘nothing is impossible when your intentions and efforts are in the right direction,’ I learned from you. Your words were the ones that helped me discover the writer in me.

To grow beyond my difficulties I learned from you and I cannot write what all you thought me because you keep teaching me every day.

You have advised me, thought for my good, loved me with all that you have, and given the best for me ever.

I have not fulfilled my dad’s expectations, even the ones as small as waking up at 5 in the morning. But he has never given up. He has his extensive list of such small yet difficult to follow rules. Well, they are his tiny dreams and I hope to fulfil them someday.
Today I have understood God has given me everything in the world by gifting me such a dad. I will give happiness to this best person in my life ever and ever.  I want to say to God the two important words Thank you for gifting me such a dad.

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