Happy Birthday To The Blog That Made Me Write ! #Hope #Happiness


Every human being is born with an innate ability to shower hope and spread smiles.


 One need not be a superhero to be a source of happiness. 


In hard times where almost all the countries in the world are fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic things like stress, depression that affects a person\’s wellbeing is natural. 


The very thought we think our problems are the biggest in the world is the primary cause of discomfort. As human beings, we always count our sorrows and not our blessings. Make efforts to count the latter, and you will discover happiness.


Think about the corona warriors, their relentless efforts to be a ray of hope for others, and they put their own lives at risk and save other\’s lives. 


They fight two wars in silence. One against the fear of themselves getting infected by the disease and another one against the disease doing their best to help patients recover and become healthy. 


Today it is nine years since I started blogging when I decided to write a special post on hope, the picture of my best friend who is a doctor that she shared on Instagram yesterday made me think about these great people who are the true source of hope during these difficult times. She had a beautiful smile on her face but she looked tired and exhausted, not one but many such doctors and health workers who take preventive measures for themselves and also do a risky rope walk each day to save lives, as a part of the noble profession they do.  


Sanitary workers without whom we will be deprived of clean surroundings and good health. There are a lot of sad stories behind their lives that one would hardly notice. It is because of their great power of tolerance they do this work of gifting cleanliness next to Godliness to us, the traffic police department, the people who go an extra step to provide our daily essentials these people serve as a fountain of hope. 


The last leaf by O. Henry is a story of a young artist who gets affected by pneumonia and gives up every thought of hope to live. The young girl strongly believes her life would end when the leaves of the tree she witnesses every day though her window would fall because of the powerful winds that blew. Her friend conveys the young girl\’s helpless condition to an old painter who lived on a different floor in the same apartment. The old artist paints the last leaf that finally brings hope to the young girl that she should survive to make her dream painting someday. Hope through the last leaf is a masterpiece created by the old artist. For every big and small thing in life, hope is the foundation. 


  1. You are good.
  2. You will be fine. 
  3. You need not worry.
  4. You can do it.
  5. You are strong 
  6. You know things will be fine soon.  


These are small phrases, but they have the power to help, heal, and give the antidote HOPE to every soul fighting battles in silence. To foster hope is no miracle, but it can create miracles that help humanity blossom in every soul.


Before you feel worthless, think about these two people. 


  1. People happy with the very thought you exist in this world. 
  2. The unknown faces of these warriors of now who put their lives at risk every day to make life better and comfortable for you.


When you are stressed or worried, share it with people you trust. If you find that difficult, have a conversation with God/Universe. The universe, with all its powers, will ease your life. 


Both your physical and mental health will blossom when splendid hope lives in your heart.

With all good hopes and wishes to each one reading this post, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the support you all continue to give to my pursuit of writing.


I will begin a brief series of a dozen lines on hope, happiness, and the simple things that make life beautiful. Let me know what you want to read about in this series in the comments below. I will base topics on suggestions from my readers.


The new series is all set to begin on 1st July.


Stay blessed & take care – THE THANK YOU BLOGGER

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  1. Happy 9th blogversary Siva !Full of hope post made my day! very well said most of the time we keep a perfect count of our sorrows rather than blessings, we ignore to acknowledge the thing which actually cause happiness. I too salute to all front line workers for their commandable contributions towards nation and nation’s people.Archana Srivastava


  2. Hi Siva! The post is just too good. Loved it and really loved the theme. I want to read posts about gratitude and forgiveness from you. Lots of love to you and Happy Birthday to your blog! More power to you both! 🙂💐💐🙂


  3. Congratulations Siva and a very Happy 9th Blog's Birthday. Your blog is a big baby now. Wishing you many more milestones👍Loved your post, especially where you say talk with God or Universe. So nice! When talking to God, you can say just anything without even thinking and thus one vents out fully. You have asked for the topics, so I would go by the simple things. All the best for your future endeavours🌹🌹


  4. Congratulations for your blog’s 9th Shiva. Wishing you all the best for your future writing. I would love to read post related to happiness and positivity. Keep writing and sharing with us.


  5. Congrats dear Siva! Awesome work, you are doing. I am sure there is more to achieve. You touch more heights of the sky. Good luck 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday to your blog Shiva. I loved the topic you picked up for the Birthday post especially about the kindness and gratitude. Regarding the topics for your forthcoming series…please keep it simple full of positivity as thats what is needed in these testing times. Sorry for being late in commenting here


  7. Hi dear… very well written about life savers and closely working with covid patients risking their life.. specially the line on 2 wars .. loved reading and my gratitude to them..


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