My India – Unity Through Humanity

 India is known for its rich and varied heritage, and this has always been a privilege for the nation. Every region is unique, beautiful, and adds an inevitable charm that sums up to make our country the nation that stands by the motto unity in diversity.

Beyond the differences in culture, language, religion, and boundaries, some roots stood strong and undisturbed, as they were based on humanity, mutual respect, compassion. All three of these strong roots exist but, unfortunately, overshadowed by disbelief.

To restore belief on these roots of existence, we dont need difficult situations but the willingness to believe in the strength and power that prevails in them once again.

Because unity in diversity is not about parameters that differentiate us, but it is all about things that help us coexist happily. Soulful music and acts of compassion have no language barrier because it touches the soul straight away. Being human beings, we all have similar thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs to some extent as these grew from the roots of existence.

In today\’s world filled with challenges, let us all be the blissful beginning of hope, humanity, and compassion.

No language, no religion, no God is bigger than humanity.

When unity is powered by humanity, our country would truly flourish.

Let us be the hope.

Jai Hind.


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 and Dipika\’\’

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  1. What a lovely post, truly mentioned – no caste, no religion, and no prejudices. A free and united India or any country requires the humanity as it's first virtue. Thank you for joining us.


  2. This is such a heartfelt post. We have such a rich and deep rooted culture but unfortunately we get carried away with disbelief about certain things. We have to get over this and see a bigger picture.


  3. Someone has rightly said being human is given but keeping our humanity is a choice, so let's choose humanity over everything. Beautifully written post.


  4. no religion is bigger than humanity. We people forget God has made human first and its human who made religion ,caste. If humanity become one religion then our country will be more beautiful.


  5. Well said and rightly pointed out that we need to have belief in our people and country as a whole. We need to trust humanity, we need to have faith. Insaniyat aur pyar nothing more powerful than that. Nice post sivaranjini.


  6. Such a lovely post and you had said most important thing in few words. yes unity in diversity is identity of our country. and when unity is powered by humanity our country will surly flourish.


  7. I agree with you, as a nation, we could easily be a super power, a nation of great progress and happiness for each and every person could exist, if it was not for the backward and regressive thoughts and actions of many people.


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