Traveling In My Own Words #SpeakEasyBloggingChallengeByRuchiAndDipika

\’SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge with Ruchi And Dipika

Putting up a blog post along with excellent travel bloggers who have an extraordinary skill of making readers experience the journey they had through their words, and rich experience of visiting different places as a part of their journey.  I felt maybe I was not the right person to write a blog post here. I finally gathered the courage to be a part of this blogging challenge because all these thoughts clouded my mind only after I registered for it.

I travel a lot but not an avid traveler who travels to different places and countries but a traveller who visits the same city, the same country, multiple times. For me, more than the destination, whom I travel with, the memories of fun and laughter, the food I eat there are the things that get etched in my memory.

In my childhood, I remember a journey to Ooty with my entire family. And all my cousins together visited the black thunder amusement park, where we were all delighted, and our happiness had no bounds as it was our first time in life, we took water rides. We kids loved the back seat, for the only reason that snacks, and water bottles, were placed there. We would finish all the snacks, and we even remember telling elders \’\’snacks got over\’\’ when they asked for it. The unforgettable game of dumb charades was even more special as we created new movie names and convinced each other even when there were no such movies. Haha, those were crazy good old days of my life.

Being a girl who spent most of my life in Chennai, it is my favourite city that no place on earth can make up for it.  If I start to write about Chennai, I would probably end up with the longest post as I have travelled countless times from my home town to Chennai.

And one more trip I remember was my trip to Kerala with my relatives, and finally, I found why it is called God\’s own city.  And again, Wonderla was where I found the child in me jump with joy.

  Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are few countries I have visited.  My family lived in Singapore for a year, and I have a lot of kinder garden memories there. And now we keep visiting my brother, who lives there once in a while.  Singapore has an attractive list of places to visit: starting from universal studios, Sentosa island, Gardens by the bay, marina bay, the sea aquarium, night safari, and the Zoo, to name a few. If you are with kids,  then the Zoo, the sea aquarium, and trick eye museum are places you should check out as kids would have maximum fun. Writing about food, I can feel the food lover in me jump with joy. The bubble milo, Chandol ice cream, green tea KitKat, Indonesian layer cake, Noodles with soup and fish balls, Murtabak, Curry puffs is all that my taste buds can relish and remember.

I have a lot of respect for Singapore as a country as it is a place where different people come together for their job and livelihood. The country respects and honours every language that is spoken by its inhabitants, and one can find unity in diversity blossom when you see four different languages shine in their dollar notes. If India can learn this from Singapore, we can surely prosper.

As I come to the end of my post, I would like to mention that only once I visited Pune and the rest of North India is my bucket list.

\’This blog post is a part of \’SpeakEasy Blogging challenge by Dipika and Ruchi\’

I thank both the hosts for this wonderful opportunity.

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  1. Great Siva you have experienced the lifestyle of many countries. I truly resonate with your thoughts that childhood memories will always remain the most cherishable memories ever. Also I am amazed to know about the culture of Singapore, would love to know more about. Archana Srivastavaarchusblog


  2. Dear Siva, you have travelled a lot yaar. I haven't travelled that much! I haven't travelled even in India, I haven't been in any other states or cities ever. Only in childhood I went to Puri, Odisha. Your travel memories left a deep impression in your life and you have learned to live life to it's fullest. Loved reading it.


  3. This is such a lovely post, dear. I feel that the number of travels doesn't matter if you are a true traveler, what matters are the numerous memories you make while traveling & how your travel experience changes you for the good. And reading your post, I know you have some amazing memories from your travels. Keep them close!


  4. Oh my! Your travel list is amazing. And I agree that the company makes a huge difference of how you perceive a place you're visiting. Plus food! Trying local delicacies is one of the best parts I love about traveling.


  5. You have been to some wonderful places. I agree to your point that we could learn a bit of the university in diversity front from Singapore. All the best for your future travels.


  6. Travel is indeed is a great way of adding to life's experience. The more we travel the more we learn. I have also lived in Pune for good 12 years. Its a lovely city and other places in west too.


  7. Wow loved your thoughts dear. I also feel the same, yes visiting with whom is way more important than visiting places. At the end it is the thing that matter most in life. I had visited north India and loved it so much. I m sure you will like it too


  8. I didn't get a chance to visit out of India but I felt glad after reading that line \”Singapore respects all people whoever live there\”. Travelling is all about collecting memories in your mind so that whenever you are having a cup of tea alone, you can recall all those trips and tours.


  9. Like you I have visited quite a lot places.. I am sure your wish will soon come true..north INDIA is as beautiful as south. Singapore is not only a beautiful place but the people over their are so warm and loving.


  10. While I've travelled a bit and enjoy it a lot, I travel a lot through my books. When I rread some books based on sme countries, its just wonderful how u can get transported to that place while reading. I had been to Singapore in 2017 for a week with my daughter. . A mumma daughter holiday we had. What a beautiful place it is.


  11. Even I have very fond memories of Singapore, Siva. Last year, we went to this place along with Phuket and I really loved both the countries as a place and the culture that it offered. Singapore visit has rendered me so many priceless moments that I will treasure throughout my life.


  12. Dumb charades and Antakshari during long rail and road travels were such a wonderful way to pass time! Youngsters these days are lost in their mobile phones and have no time to look up and enjoy their surroundings. I too wish to visit Singapore someday…


  13. I've had my own experiences with China in a similar way. The places, the food and the localites there are still very dear to me. Those memories are one of the fondest.


  14. Wow you have traveled a lot dear. Good to know your views on singapore. North India has many beautiful places worth visiting, do plan and tick your bucket list. Ooty and black thunder made me nostalgic with charades in train wow.


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