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Hello everyone, once upon a time, I was a movie freak who can\’t stop watching movies, and probably this was the reason behind me being an average student at both school and college, at least my mom believes so. Hahaha, jokes apart.

And today, I want to put my love for films to help my blog get better. I am taking my blog to the next level with  #MyFriendAlexa.

 Thank you,  blogchatter, and team for always being a part of my writing journey and making it better.

 My theme for the blogging challenge is a new approach where I  would write about different dialogues of eight movies that made me a timeless fan of these movies.  I hope, through these films and their beautifully written conversations, readers would find beautiful reasons for appreciating the simple yet beautiful things of life. 

Even though I am going to write about only Tamil films in this challenge,  I will write everything in English because I want it to reach everyone, for I believe happiness has no language as same as that of good music. I am sure that all my readers and fellow bloggers are going to enjoy being a part of this blogging challenge. 

Happy reading! Happy Writing! 

#ThankYouBloggerReads  #ThankYouBloggerWrites

Blogchatter- My Friend Alexa

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  1. This is so exciting. Even I have been a movie buff in college days and used to watch so many. I loved the idea of penning that down. Would surely love to read about these Tamil movies and I agree happiness doesnt need language.


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