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Let the white flowers of peace bloom all over the world, let the new dawn heal the world that is at unrest, let the mighty yellow rays of the sun fall on the earth.

Let the flower get rid of laziness to show her lovely smile, let the baby wake up in the warmth of the mother, let the world wake up to the innocent laugh.

 A glimpse of the story

The film revolves around a little girl named Amutha, who comes to know that she was adopted by her parents when she turns nine.  She lives in Chennai as the elder daughter of the famous writer Thiruchelvan. The little girl wishes to see her mother, who gave birth to her. Amutha tries all her ways to reach her mother. Will she be able to meet her mother? Are all her questions answered in the rest of the story?

The truth revealed

The father-daughter duo at the beach.

Thiruchelvan: You are not our daughter.

Amutha: \’ I am nine years old and still irresponsible than I am not your daughter\’. she keeps running around on the beach.

Thiruchelvan: Listen to me.\’\’ you were not born to us, me, and Indra.

 We adopted and raised you, but we love you more than our lives.\”

When they get back home, the writer justifies their decision of telling the truth to his wife, \’\’ It is better, we said to amutha before she comes to know about it from somebody else.

 This conversation made me realize parents do not think about their pain but are always concerned about their child\’s happiness, and no one can ever love a girl more than her dad.

The dining table conversation.

Amutha becomes inquisitive and wants to know about her mother.

Amutha: Did you buy me for money, Dad?

Thruchelvan: you do not have a price, my dear. You are priceless and precious.

Amutha: Why you adopted me?

Thiruchelven:  I did not adopt you. But you adopted us.

She gets to know the story behind her birth, that she was born to a refugee from Srilanka at the Red cross, in Rameshwaram.

The writer also adds that you were the one who made me write for the first time, you only gifted me my wife Indra, and you are my everything.

The conversation between Indra and Thiruchelvan 

Thiruchelvan writes Amutha\’s story and wishes to adopt her, but people at the red cross deny it as their rules will not permit a single man to adopt a baby.

Even though Thiruchelvan liked Indra and used her name as his pen name, they both were not serious about their relationship until this incident.

Thiruchelvan: Are you above 18?

Indra: If above 18, how does that make a difference to you?

Thiruchelvan: Will you marry me? Will you be Amutha\’s mother?

Think and tell.

Indra: I have been waiting for you for one year. Are you adopting Amutha for my sake, or You are marrying me for her sake?

Thiruchelvan: I want you and her. You both are like both my eye.

This conversation says through humanity and being sensitive to other\’s pain, you become the most gifted person, and the right people and the right things happen to be present in the life of such people.

Finally, Thiruchelvan takes his daughter to meet her mom, And there, he gives a speech at the writers association in Srilanka. 

Thiruselvan says, some people say to be a writer, you should have a spark from birth itself, but it is an absolute lie. 

Thiruchelvan: To write well, you need a good education. To be a writer, you need to observe every incident in life very attentively, and before writing, you need to find out if someone else would write the story we want to write, better than us, or what. 

This speech and the movie I watch at least once before I  start writing something new.  I hope this helps writers reading this as well.

The most awaited heart-melting final conversation happens when Amutha meets her mom.

Amutha says I have 20 Questions to ask you shall, I?

Amutha: Why did you leave me and go?

Mom: The situation was so I went as a refugee, by boat.  I  had to return and had no choice.

Amutha: when I was born, did you hold me in your arms?

Mom: Before leaving, only once I touched you with my finger and,  that was all.

Amutha says, \’\’ Come with us to madras, there is no war, we can go to the beach, watch the cinema, please come with us.

Her mom denies saying, I have some work here. One day even here, peace will prevail and, there will be a new dawn, come back at that time. Saying this, her mom cries her heart out and tries to leave.

Amutha: Only once you come to me, and then go away.

Mom: With all the emotions in her heart, tears welled up in her eye, hugs her daughter and gives several pecks on her cheeks. Thus the movie gets the name peck on the cheek translated as kannathil muthamittal.

The innocent love of her child made even the mother who became a rock, changed her priority in life to be the warrior to find peace for her people, to embrace the selfless motherly love which she hid at one corner of her heart.

You can find the movie on amazon prime with English subtitles.

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  1. Manisha – I avoid emotional movies because it really affects me. This one has an amazing script and I could really feel I saw the movie from your post.


  2. This seems to be a great movie.A peck on the cheek…such a sweet translated name.With R.Madhavan and Nandita das in the movie I'm sure going to watch it.


  3. What really struck me is how synchronicity works and how the universe aligns itself to brings things you need that sometimes even you don't know you need. Also your love for the movie shines through 🙂


  4. Such a sweet story. I am definitely watching this movie. Such a different topic too. I also have a nephew who is adopted but yet too small. We do not know yet if we will be able to tell him the truth.


  5. Kannathil Muthamittal is one of my favorite movies… It is such a heart-warming yet thought provoking movie… The songs are a class apart… Thanks for sharing your special moments from the movie… They are indeed special..


  6. o wow what a lovely emotional movie, will surely going to watch this. R Madhavan is one of my favorites actor, so I have to watch it ASAP.Archana Srivastavaarchusblog


  7. I have seen the movie. The adopted daughter's role is portrayed by the daughter of Parthipan and Seetha. It is a brilliant movie directed by Manirathnam. The adopted child's mother's role is played by Nandita Das. It is an extremely touching and heart rending movie and the final scene is par excellence.


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