A Fun Filled Mozhi #MyFriendAlexa

When a word is said, there would be a mere meaning that was previously told by many. But beyond words, your Silence will have crores of meaningful words that stay inside your heart.

A glimpse of the story

The story of two musicians, Karthik and Viji, who are fun-loving and happy enjoying their Bachelor\’s life,  get settled in their new flat in Chennai. Karthik likes a girl the moment he sees her. He comes to know Archana, the girl he loves, is deaf and dumb from her birth. He accepts her the way she is, but Archana denies his love and gets away. Will She choose Karthik as her soul mate is the rest of the story.

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1. Dialogue between Karthik and Archana during Picnic.

They both communicate in sign language, Karthik invites trouble when he imagines a voice for Archana.

Karthik: Tell your name.

Archana: A-R-C-H-A-N-A

Karthik: Tell my Name.

Archana: K-A-R-T-H-I-K but, why?

Karthik: Wow, Your voice is beautiful.

Archana: Mine? My voice?

Karthik: Yes, Archana. When you spoke, I imagined a voice for you.

 It is beautiful. It would be easier for me when I talk to you.

Archana: You are finding it tough now.

Karthik: Sorry, I did not mean that.

Archana: If it is that tough, you need not bother to talk to me. Only you can hear the voice you imagined and not me because it is not me. So, whenever you speak to me, you will converse with two people? Being real is that difficult for you. I am happy dealing with people who accept me the way I am. They are enough for me. I Do not have a voice, and  I do not need one. I do not have anything to tell this world.

Words are indeed a great gift. But, we need to be very careful with them because they have the power to either heal or hurt someone.

It is good to think a hundred times before you speak but not even once after you spoke.

2. The Cake Conversation

Archana brings the cake she made and gives it to Karthik.

Karthik: Oh! Cake. Did you make it?

Archana: yes.

Karthik tastes it and says it is like music. And when Archana asks how music will be, he asks Archana to place both her arms on the speakers and follow the music he plays. She follows it so well and,  Karthik says,  you understood the music that was in the air the same way you will understand my love for you.

A furious Archana denies and leaves the place saying, our worlds are different and, I will never be able to understand your music.

Our intuition happens to understand what is good for us. 

It tells us how to proceed the right way. Our intuition has the power to help us If we listen to it.

The conversation where Archana understands Karthik

Archana decides not to attend her friend\’s wedding because Karthik would also be there.

Karthik: Why you won\’t attend the wedding because I will come there? Is it? When you told me to get away from your life, I stayed away, as seeing me again would hurt you. But Archana, you are not afraid of me, but yourself.  The problem is you do not accept it.

Many people die because they dont want to live, but you are the one who kills life and then tries to live it. How can you act dumb even inside your heart?

I can see the desire in your eye to live, live, and see you will not fail. What is your problem? If we get married and have a child and if my child has a disability like you, I will not leave you like your father did but will love my child and bring her up the best way possible.  Sometimes you need to trust life without questioning because when you realise your decision is wrong, you might not get a chance to correct it.

Do not trust without questioning but never doubt the person you trust because it will clear the air of happiness in life.   

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This movie is a fun ride filled with laughter and, it is available on youtube with subtitles. Although it has only silence as its language.



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