Waves Always In The Rythm #Alaipayuthey

 Smiles, smiles, and endless smiles never fade away.

This film is as fresh as a cup of coffee you make after opening a new pack of freshly crushed coffee powder and, the best part is that it stays the same way till the final cup of coffee you drink. Alaypayuthey has that charm and beauty that is unaltered with time. A film has an inevitable beauty in the language that it was written, made, and screened for the first time. The happiness you experience while watching Bangalore days in Malayalam, Tare Zameen par in Hindi, Bommarillu in Telugu, you will get while you watch, Alaipayuthey in Tamil.

A glimpse of the story

Karthik meets Shakthi, and the duo loves each other and gets married without the concern of their parents. Since their parents are against their decision, they decide to make a living of their own in a new house. Trouble brews when Sakthi\’s dad dies and, the duo blames each other for the sorrow leading to unrest between the two. Shakthi meets with an accident, and that makes Karthik realize how it is to live without Shakthi, the love of his life.

1. Karthik speaks with his house owner.

Karthik: I cannot understand her.

House owner: Marriage means we need to make little sacrifices to make each other happy.  Prioritize her wishes before your interests, throw away the ego.

 What you think is love?

Is it meeting at the beach, hugging at the park and watching the cinema?

That is not at all love, but it is mere infatuation. It will be intoxicating, fragrant, beautiful but is like the flower as it will soon wither away. After marriage, the love that comes is like the root, stays under the soil yet completely strong.

This one conversation has all the beautiful things and gives simple yet, good ways to live life happily and make things work well and help in building a better and blessed home.

2. Karthik\’s Realization 

Shakthi at the hospital.

Karthik: Shakthi, Why are you not opening your eyes? are you scared of fighting again?

Outside, a husband tells his wife, who has hit and run a woman with her Car, \’You did not do anything, do not worry, I will take care of everything.\’

I have understood, now, there will be no fight between us hereafter.

I can\’t live after losing you. Please open your eyes. I was roaming at the back of you when I was in love but, I understood that was not love. But the way I walked helplessly through the streets in search of you after losing you now, this is it. Dont be angry with me. I am sorry, please survive.

Shakthi: Opens her eyes and says \’got scared\’?

Karthik: I almost lost my life

Shakti: You thought your wife passed away and were you planning to enjoy your life?

Karthik smiles and, both reassure their love for each other.

It is human to commit a mistake, the moment you learn from it, and do all that you can to bring back happiness and bliss to your life than you are undoubtedly the hero of your life.

The movie is available on amazon prime with English subtitles.

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  1. I guess there is a Hindi version of this movie. Sathiya – the one starring Rani Mukherjee and Vivek Oberoi. I absolutely loved this movie then. This one made for a perfect ending. Keep the good work going.


  2. This is one of my all-time favorite movies from Mani Sir; he did direct a lot after this one but there is a certain magic in this. The story, screenplay, actors, music – its such a wholesome package. Loved reading again about this after so long.


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