Humanity is the path for a new dawn #TheComali- Who is witty yet humourly human.

Humanity is the only solution to a new dawn with all the reasons for unrest put to rest. Let us put an end to lives lost and bloodshed. Let us put an end to the ties broken in hatred. Even if the world loses faith in the glory of the sun, let the faith in humanity be unshakable. Oh! Friend, confidante, companion the dawn will light up the sky one day and, the night will vanish into its hideaway when humanity overpowers everything around us the world, would be a better place. 


A glimpse of the film


The story revolves around Ravi, who awakens from a prolonged Coma after losing sixteen precious years of his life. He finds the hidden reality of the technology-driven world and tries to make peace with it. How he overcomes his problems with wit and human qualities is the rest of the story. If you are a 90\’s kid, This film would be similar to reading your old diary of fond memories.


1.Ravi\’s sister cries in front of him, but he does nothing about it. After which her mother talks with him in person.


Ravi\’s mom: If someone cries in front of us or confides their worries, it is not with the thought that we will solve their problem but, that won\’t someone hold their hands and say I am there and you dont need to be scared. Most of the time, these mere words of comfort are all that they expect. For them, it is not important what you can or can\’t do about their problem, but your words of kindness at the time of need become a source of strength for them.

Kind words have the power to instill hope and courage into a soul that is tirelessly fighting its battles in life.


2. Ravi\’s friend\’s mom calls her son to ask if he has had his food. 


Mani\’s mom: Did you have your food? 

Mani: yes, I had. I will call you later. 

Ravi: Who was that?

Mani: it was my mom.

Ravi: Why did you hang up so soon? You are talking to others for hours. What is the problem with talking with your mom?

Mani: What else she will inquire if I had my food or not that is, all.

Ravi: Who else in the world other than mom will ask you are hungry? Please call back and talk to her.


In life, it is quite natural that we ignore people who genuinely love and care for us because we take them for granted. But in the world, there are a few people who love us selflessly and, those people are nothing less than a treasure in life. Do all the things that make them happy. 

3. Ravi has an outburst when his friends ignore him.


Ravi: You people think you came closer to each other due to technology but, you people are going away from each other as now no one is facing each other while speaking. 

Ravi speaks with his friend Mani who is also his brother-in-law. 

You said you had not met your school friend for ten years and you dont even know his address. 

When we were at school, if there is a match at seven in the morning, we would reach the ground before half an hour to prepare the pitch, didn\’t we? But, now, all the conversation and planning happens on WhatsApp and, no one is on the ground.

You wish your mom, who is not at all on Facebook, \’Happy birthday mom, on FB. How will your mother know it?

Well, how many friends do you have on Facebook? 

One of them shouts four thousand.

Ask one help and see no one will ever turn up.

You chat with an unknown girl for hours on social media but, when you have to meet her, you dont have guts because it is reality. 

Next, he asks the phone number of his ex-girlfriend to her husband when he sees the phone. He says I remember her old landline number even now because it is in my memory. But, for you, it is on the phone. Again to his friend Mani he says, you said you dont know why your son doesn\’t talk. How will he talk? Why will he talk? He did not have anyone to converse with, so when I spoke to him, he started talking. You all are trying to make a man a machine and vice versa and, I do not understand. The world is so big out there and, you all are corpse in your phones.  

Let us come out of virtual reality and experience life with more human qualities rather than being ruled by electronic devices and be available to people so that we can be a support system to our loved ones when they need us.


The film is available on Hotstar with English subtitles.


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