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 There is beauty in everything around us. If we have that patience to notice nature, the glory of simple yet beautiful things in life, you can rejoice about the fact that your happiness is with you. I have a box of four palm sugar candies wrapped with thoughtful words with me. I hope this breezy read will bring a smile to all readers out there.

A glimpse of the film

This film is an anthology of four stories: The pink bag, The pet crow, The turtles, Alexa\’s Friend. The pink bag is about a small boy, who is a ragpicker but with a heart made of solitaire diamond.  Pet Crow – is the story of two strangers who share their ride in a Cab. Turtles –  is about two old-people who meet in their routine annual check-up at the hospital and become great partners for the rest of their life. Alexa\’s friend is a story of a couple who forgets to understand and appreciate each other and, the Alexa speaker becomes the bridge and makes life beautiful for them.

The Pink bag

The recorded conversation that Bitty listens to when she gets back her lost ring.

\’When I was picking up rags, your face in the photo sparkled like the diamond. You seemed to be good at heart and beautiful. Then one day, the diamond truly sparked in your ring. You have lost it so, please, be careful with it. One other thing, You sing so well, I will pray that you should become a talented singer in the future\’.

The next day, the girl fills a box fully with chocolates and drops it in along with the garbage bag that it be a sweet gift for his sweet gesture.

If your heart is beautiful, sooner or later but, surely you will shine irrespectively of where you belong to or what you do.

The pet crow 

Both strangers who share a ride become friends over time. The conversation they have when Mugilan meets Madhu\’s pet crow, Crowka.

A crow flies towards Madhu with a  sparkling stone on its beak,

Madhu: It is beautiful, thanks, Crowka. Eat and go.

Mugilan: What did I see? That is unbelievable.

Madhu: It is my Pet crow, Crowka. Once it was hurt and unable to fly, I took it to the vet, and it got healed in some days, but every day brings me some beautiful shiny stone that it finds. It\’s a return gift, and this one is for today. Whether I am here or not, the crow leaves one stone in the bowl placed here every day.

Gratitude is a gift in itself and, a gift becomes precious when you get it as a token of selfless love.

Mugilan fights cancer with the hope Madhu gives him and Mugilan decides to compete with the crow and love Madhu even more than Crowka.


 A childish conversation.

Little girl: Grandma! Please play on the slide. You promised you would slide when no one is around. It would be super exciting.

The old lady first refuses but then enjoys the slide the same way the little girl did with a blissful and broad smile.

The joy that helps a heart to stay young forever is bliss we all can experience while being with kids.

 The conversation between  Yashoda and Navaneethan when they meet finally meet.

Navaneethan: I will throw your walker away and would carry you in my  arms wherever you want to go.

Yashoda: I dont want to be a burden to you.

Navmeethan: You remember my PIN, I often forget where I park the vehicle,  you remind me of these things and be with me.

Won\’t you trust me?

Yashoda: Can you take me from here?  Right now, the way I am.

He lifts her in his arms and walks away.

When a person accepts the other person the way they are with their flaws and still believes they are beautiful in their way, that is when happiness fills up the air they breathe.

Alexa\’s friend  

Ammuthini and Dhanapal who, are young parents to their kids, still miss happiness in their life because  Danapal ignores to acknowledge the efforts taken by his wife. But Amuthini shares her problem with Alexa, her new gift. But, one day, Alexa becomes their friend Alexa and plays the audio where Amudhini vents her heart out and, Danapal listens to it.

 The couple accompanies each other to the supermarket one day.

Danapal: Today, I observed you like a stranger at a distance and, you look so beautiful, Sorry for ignoring you. I can\’t promise to be perfect hereafter but, I will do my best to fill your life with happiness.

Say sorry, say thank you, appreciate others whenever possible after all, the realm of happiness lies in these simple yet beautiful words.


The movie is available on Netflix with English subtitles.


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