The Music felt in silence #MounaRagam

 Life is not a stage to part ways when the play ends. Bonds and relationships are not like a stream of water to divide and continue to flow in different paths.

A glimpse of the film 

The film revolves around Dhivya, who enjoys her life as a fun ride with no responsibilities. She faces difficulties when Chandrakumar accepts her as his wife after an arranged marriage. What is Dhivya\’s problem and, will she be able to love her husband eventually is the rest of the story.

Heart-melting conversation.

Dhivya says despite, me telling you so much on the day we met, why did you marry me?

 CK: I was waiting to tell you I dont want marriage so,  I wanted to meet you tell sorry and leave but, when I met you when I heard you speak what I wanted to say, I liked you so much that I gave my consent and married you.

You are happy that this marriage happened, aren\’t you?

Dhivya: No

 CK: Do you know why a newborn baby cries? It is not because it does not want to come to this world but because all the circumstances are new for it. Even your condition is the same.

New place, unknown language, an unfamiliar husband, I can understand your difficulty.  I can wait until you get comfortable with me.

To be patient and understand the difficulty of others to look from their perspective is a rare quality that exists in very few people.

Even when Dhivya reveals her past and says she is unable to forget it and accept CK as her husband.

He understands her, respects her, and supports her decision of legally parting ways even though it hurts him a lot.

Selfless love is when our loved ones love us with all our flaws but still dont give up on their love for us.

Divya\’s Conversation with Ck before leaving Delhi

CK: Here is the first gift you asked me

(Gives the separation papers)

Dhivya: These are papers and, they cannot change what is in our hearts, tears the papers, even if you don\’t like me, I can bear it, but you love me, and, dont have the heart to accept it, never mind, I can wait for you. I confess, wholeheartedly, that I love you.

CK stops her from going, and both accept each other.

Patience, acceptance, and the will to give up anything for each other but never give up on each other is what makes life beautiful. 

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Even though it was an eighties film, it remains to be timeless and continues to be beautiful even today. The super hit songs by the respected legendary Singer SPB-The man of magnificent and eternal voice was the reason behind the songs reaching our souls through our ears and continues to stay in our hearts forever.

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The Movie is available on amazon prime with English Subtitles.

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