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Let go of your worries, reach for the heavens, With the melody and rhythm, We will sing happily as the Nightingale.

To be a 90\’s kid and not to write about Thalapathy and its dialogues would make my theme incomplete for My Friend Alexa. This film tells about the importance of friendship, motherly love, and brotherhood. A fascination for the  Superstar began when I was in my second grade at school. The style of the Star did magic on screen. I used to remember the entire song and sing along with the radio. I was stubborn that I would not allow my cousins to change the channel. Not only this film, but all the other films of superstar Rajinikanth and all the enchanting hero introduction songs have a special place in my heart.


As a  kid, I believed it was the actor who sang the songs. Hahaha, I grew up to realize the powerful voice belonged to the legendary singer SPB. And that was my little story, of how I became a fan of these films. The singer with an eternal voice was a man who respected friendship throughout his life. He was a person who passionately loved his profession. These were two qualities in the singer I admired the most apart from his voice. With respect, he will be celebrated and remembered forever in the soulful songs he sang.

A glimpse of the film 

The story revolves around Surya, who is abandoned by his mother soon after his birth due to her circumstances. Surya grows up in the slum and calls himself an orphan. His life changes when he meets Deva, who is a gangster and befriends him. What happens after this is the rest of the story.

Surya meets his mother after thirty-two years.

Surya: Mum, Why did you dump me, left me like an orphan in the goods train?  What mistake did? Why did you do this? Do you know how angry I was with you? I was very angry with the mother I have never seen. I wanted to ask a thousand questions when I meet you, but now, when I see you,  all my anger has disappeared. I want to keep on addressing you as my mom.

Mom: Surya, look at me once. You suffered all these years because of me. I dumped you even before you could open your eyes. I didn\’t name you, nor hold you in my arms. I never fed you even once. Why did you get such a mother? You should have been born to some other blessed woman.

But I knew that one day I would find my son, even if it is after many years. I wanted to fall at his feet and cry till the end of my life.

Surya: Dont cry, mom.

Mom: Come with me, Surya, let us all go somewhere else.

Renounce all this, let us stay together.

Surya says, mom, how can I leave Deva and come? When I had no one else, only he was with me. You should be with Arjun and, I should be with Deva, and that is justice.

They are talking about shooting orders. I have got you back after so many years. If anything happens to you or Arjun, I can\’t bear it.

Surya: I should have died as soon as I was born. I don\’t fear death now. Dont worry about Arjun. I won\’t harm Arjun. I swear to you.

A Mother\’s love remains unadulterated forever, and we should never judge anyone because we never know what they have gone through.

The final conversation between Deva and Surya.

Deva: Kill Arjun and come.

Surya: I can\’t do that.

Deva: Why?

Surya: Because Arjun is my brother

My mother is Arjun\’s mother too. I have promised her that I will not harm him.

Despite knowing all this, you stayed with me. Even though It was your family, you stood against them. Why?

Surya says because you are my friend.

Deva feels proud of his friend and brother Surya and gives up all his violence for the sake of Surya.

A Brother remains a saviour and, a true friend is a gift from God.

The Movie is available on amazon prime with English subtitles.

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