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   I decided to write my blog post about this film on world mental health day but decided to write and publish today because the title of the movie happens to be perfect now as it is a wrap-up post for my friend Alexa.

A glimpse of the film 

The story revolves around a girl, Visalakshi, Who is the only child to her parents. Growing up alone, she wishes to have a big joint family. Her wish comes true when she gets married to Nadesan, who is a part of a big joint family with about thirty members, including kids. The sudden transfer of her husband to a hill station and settling down in a new house leaves her heartbroken. What happens to her? Will she get a chance to live with her joint family again is the rest of the story.

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 A blissful conversation.

Her grandmother introduces her to some guests.

Grandmom: She is the most educated girl in our family, not only that she cooks well. She did some tasty dishes of different varieties and, everyone enjoyed their meal. Whatever it may be, after all, it is good food is the first thing that every husband wants. She is a nice and smart girl.

Visalakshi: I dont know to make all the variety of dishes you mentioned

Grandmom: So what? It is not climbing Mount Everest.

You can learn.

Visalakshi asks, how come you praise me even if I dont know anything.

Grandmom: We should say pleasant words for the girls who come to live in our home, then only others will tell the same thing when they meet people and, these words have the power to make us happy and proud.

The power of pleasant words is immense and, that what makes blessings a precious gift.

A gem of a conversation

This conversation happens between Visalakshi\’s father-in-law and the Clerk from his office, who comes home to get his signature.

The father-in-law is wiping the washes vessels and arranging them.

Clerk: Sir, you are a senior officer in the bank, and you do all this work at home.  If you say, there will be many people who can do this work for you.

The Father-in-law: Look, I am an officer only at the bank, at home, I am a husband to my wife and nothing else. If my wife can wash vessels, what is wrong with me wiping and arranging them?

A responsible person fulfills every role of his life the best way possible and completes all the duties that come with these roles.

The conversation at the temple area at home

Nadesan says you know the God in our home is the most beautiful.

Visalakshi: How?

When he opens the door, she sees a mirror.

 Visalakshi: mirror, but why?

Because my father always says every human being must worship and respect themselves first and then God.

The way the world would see us and respect us largely depends upon how we see ourselves and our self-respect.

Visalakshi considers herself lucky to be a part of her blessed family and has a habit of filling up her piggybank with coins for every good thing she comes across in her big family and says thanks to God for it.

Gratitude is a powerful tool to feel good and blessed instantly. It also serves as a reservoir of hope.

But life becomes loneliness for her when she and her husband migrated to a hill station. When her husband gets busy with work and no one to be around, she gets affected with sleeplessness and shows signs of the onset of mental illness.

The words of the doctor to Nadesan

Nadesan, to be frank, your wife doesn\’t like this lonely atmosphere around her. Good relationships are vital to life. You know me as a doctor, but I  am an orphan who grew up in an ashram. You know why I settled here in a small place because people here regard me as a person in their family. If something happens to me tomorrow, at least ten people will be there for me. After having all such meaningful relations, why do you want to disturb the beautiful family structure?  If you like your wife so much, take her back to your family, and she will be all right.

Natesan realizes his mistake and takes his wife back to live with his family.

If you have a family that genuinely cares for you, It is a blessing you should protect and cherish all your life.

Being the final post, I want to give a bonus movie suggestion that I recently watched on amazon prime.

 An anthology film directed by five best directors from Tamil Cinema, Putham puthu kaalai, is a film that talks about sensible stories in the lockdown. Out of the five Coffee, anyone? that talks about a husband who heals his wife with his love, care, concern become extremely happy when she is finally awake to have some coffee with him.

Avarum Naanum is a story of a granddaughter and her grandfather, who meet after years because of the lockdown. The granddaughter believes her grandfather is a stubborn man. But when she spends time with him, she understands the tender heart of her grandfather.

Among the five, I found these two stories to be most beautiful because of the beautiful dialogues they had.

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