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Self-help the thank you way

Happiness in life is similar to the bouquet every little flower that adds to the beauty and aromatic scent have their contribution in making the gift a pleasant one. Each word we utter that brings a smile to another human being or sometimes ourselves become the building blocks for building our happiness pathway.   

The reason for including ourselves here is that helping ourselves is the first and foremost step to help others. We sometimes knowingly do not address the things that make us happy as we are busy looking after our loved ones, and I am sure the other women bloggers out there who are reading this can understand what I mean to say.
Words serve as healers, confidence providers, a message of hope, and bliss. Once when I was speaking with a student in my class, I understood what words can be and about the blessing words are capable of. She was introduced to me as a dull student, and that she takes time to grasp her lessons, and I need to explain twice or thrice to make her understand the teacher in the class said, pointing out to the girl who was sitting in the corner of the second bench.  

I  could make out from her face that she was unhappy to hear what the teacher told about her. After the class, I spoke to her, I told her that I was also a dull student in school, and my teachers used to speak the same way about me. It is not important what others think of you but what you think about yourself is important. Don\’t worry. It is fine if you don\’t understand but you need not hesitate to ask for help thinking about what your friends might think of you. I assured her that I was there to help her. she was so happy and relieved and that was evident from her smile and during the last class of the year the teacher herself told me that this particular student improved.

 Words of comfort help in having a positive attitude and also boosts self-confidence. It is a win-win situation for both the giver and the receiver for one it is the happiness that accompanies while sending the words of hope and for the other, it is the strength the words of hope offered. 

Belief system
It is as important as your respiratory system.
The words you say, the words you listen to, the words you tell yourself all become a part of your belief system.  The words that can make you smile, the words that make you strong, the words that make you feel better are the ones that help in building a strong and beautiful belief system.

Your belief system can have this list of sentences.

I am strong
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am respectful.
I am amazing.
I am unique.
I am blessed.
If I fall I will get back up.

Thank you, God, for making me who I am and helping me to be the best version of myself.

Our belief system is indeed built when we are young so if you are a parent it is the right time you are reading this, anyway you need not worry as you can reinforce and strengthen your belief system at any age.

Make sure you build your belief system as strongly as you can because it reflects on your personality, your level of confidence and also contributes to both your health and happiness.

Mental wellness tips from the expert

1. As human beings we tend to get stressed easily but stress when observed is merely a false creation. The reason for stress most of the time is that we do not consider stress free alternatives in a stressful situation.

2. For a homemaker even an hour of unplanned delay in her daily work routine can be the reason for stress. We should learn to see the other side of the coin. Accept the fact that the work is delayed but relax that it is going to be done well and ensure yourself that next time you will plan your schedule keeping in mind such delays. Simply put looking for stress-free alternatives with little patience.
The way you begin your day helps you have a lot of enthusiasm the entire day. It can be 20 minutes of soulful music, or your workouts, or just a walk or any activity that gives you joy.

3. The most important tip and is also a scientifically proven technique 

Whoever you may be or however busy you may be. For at least half an hour to one hour get away from the virtual world and develop the habit of observing nature. It may be anything the chirping of birds or the trees swaying in the wind or the calming sunset or just smile at the rose plant you planted and watch its beautiful petal shooting up as it is nothing less than therapy.
The tips are from my friend and mental health expert Dr Barani Ravi who is a Psychologist and also holds a PG specialization in guidance and counselling.
For questions and queries in this section, you can reach out to her@:

Eating healthy with food technology

Food tech for health
The foods that have functions apart from providing nutrition are called functional foods.
The functions can vary from providing prevention against diseases and deficiencies, strengthening the immune system.
Let us discuss the functional foods present here and in the end, there is a cake recipe.

Curd is a natural source of probiotics simply known as beneficial microbes that help in maintaining a happy gut.
Ragi or finger millet is one of the chief sources of calcium and it aids in maintaining bone health in women and also rich in amino acids and strengthens the immune system.  sprouted ragi flour has four times the nutrients present in the raw flour.
Coconut oil has a lot of components that help in maintaining HDL or good cholesterol. it is regarded as one of the healthiest oils when used adequately.
Banana is a fruit rich in potassium and is a natural source of Prebiotics that are the fuel for gut-friendly microbes or probiotics.

Coffee powder
The antioxidant compounds in coffee are better known as free radical scavengers and thus prevent diseases due to oxidative damage. 
Cocoa powder is rich in polyphenols known to perform the antioxidant activity that helps prevent various diseases.
Dates are a rich source of iron that helps prevent Anaemia in women is also a go-to functional food because of the bioactive components present in them.

Walnuts, as we all know, is a superfood rich in heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Baking powder, baking soda, lemon juice, milk, and a pinch of salt helps as a leavening agent, taste enhancer, provide moisture and contribute to the texture and consistency of the cake respectively.

Ragi banana dates walnut cake
The recipe idea is inspired by my dear friend and fellow blogger Samira\’s recipe.
250 ml measuring cup
1. 1 cup dry roasted ragi flour.
2. 12 to 15 dates pureed after soaking in 2 tablespoons of milk.
3. 1/4th teaspoon baking soda.
4. 1/4th cup coconut oil.
5. 2 bananas.
6. 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.
7. 1 teaspoon of coffee powder.
8. 1/4th cup of walnuts.
9. Sweetener of your choice if needed as dates act as a natural sweetener.
10. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
Dry roast ragi flour for about two minutes.
To a bowl add the ragi flour, cocoa powder, coffee powder, baking soda, baking powder, and in another bowl mix all wet ingredients  Curd, coconut oil, dates puree, and mashed bananas and make a smooth mix. Add this to the dry ingredients gradually by the cut and fold method.  Add the walnuts, coat them with dry flour before adding them to the prepared cake batter. Adjust the consistency of the batter by adding two to three teaspoons of milk if needed. Add the teaspoon of lemon juice to the batter and, mix slightly. The lemon juice reacts with baking soda and helps make the cake soft and fluffy.

Add the batter to the greased loaf pan and put it inside the oven that is preheated at 180-degree celsius for 15 minutes. Bake the cake for about 40 to 45 minutes or till it is completely baked.  If you are a new baker like me keep checking the cake from 35 minutes onwards with a toothpick.
The cake recipe and mental health tips were  Christmas gifts for the #WSWBlogHop.
For any queries regarding baking, you can reach out to my dear friend and check out her #Recipes
If you want to know more about food technology, health, and nutrition you can check out my blog @ #Food Technology

I am a part of #WSWBlogHop and I truly believe that we should support, empower each other and grow together.  Thanks to the hosts of #WSWBlogHop Akanksha & Urvashi for the wonderful opportunity.

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  1. Thank you for this super positive post. Yes, words and how they are spoken make a big difference. It can make or brea a person. Whether we say it to others or use it for ourselves, words should be picked very carefully. Talking about moms then we need to learn to slow down a bit. We should be able to detach perfectionism from self worth.


  2. Agreed, dear I don't know why but women are always regarded as people of perfection by the society and that makes us difficult to get free from those preconditioned thoughts and be ourselves with flaws but beautiful in our way. Thanks for reading dear 😊🤗 and sharing your views.


  3. This is such an amazing presentation of ideas for me. taking me through values m beliefs and guiding me on how to balance my living. information on ingredients is again cherry on top. loved your style and thankyou blogging. I am a big believer of gratitude myself. feeling so happy and blessed after reading


  4. Hi dear. Thank you for the oppourtunity. Gratitude is indeed a blessing and the believer of gratitude is always a strong and happy person. Glad you are one. Thanks for reading and sharing your valuable thoughts. 😊🤗


  5. Hi Siva, this is Swarnali here. I just can't express in words how incredibly I have loved this post of yours. This is so so so beautiful so awesome and so pure. Innocent. All the words you have written here are just amazing. The beginning note on happiness just touched my heart. Also, the pointers. Beautiful. Keep writing this way dear. Love you. Best wishes always.


  6. This is such an uplifting post. You have precisely penned the important aspects of self-help. Strong belief, mental wellness, right eating are all so building blocks of being fit and fine overall. Very well penned.


  7. This quote Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. Such a positive and endearing post. I started believing in self love only this year. Need the ratification from you as well.Really loved the recipes too.


  8. It is more about about accepting ourselves and that gives the way to find smiles and shines around us. Glad you loved the recipe. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts. 😊🤗


  9. wow such a positive post . I agree simple words like thank you and positive gesture like appreciate others and being grateful for your blessing does wonder for our mental health. It creates a positive vibes not only for ourselves but for others as well.


  10. It was a very positive post with some practical tips. I make my kids say affirmative sentences before they go to sleep and I have seen the wonders that it does. Kind words not only help kids to heal but to every human being.Post with lot of positive vibes.


  11. Absolutely true Siva words can do miracles if used sensibly. And if the words are coated with the motivational shield it brings the magic in the whole atmosphere and obviously happiness on both sides of the tables. Wonderful tips to soothes the mind shared by you some I practice and some will bring to my daily routine. Archana SrivastavaArchusblog


  12. What a wealth of information you have provided in this post! I am amazed at the sheer variety. I also really appreciate the approach you have taken to the cake recipe by explaining the nutritional value of each ingredient in such detail!Noor


  13. I lobed everthing about this blog.. these lines – I am strong I am smart.I am beautiful.I am respectful. I am amazing.I am unique.I am blessed.If I fall I will get back up. …. the recipes it was such a good read


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