Magic. I Have Seen It Happen.

Scene 1
Anushiya wore a light blue salwar suit with tiny white flowers printed over it. Her kajal and lip balm complimented her simple yet elegant appearance. She was almost ready to leave for work by the MRT nearby. Her mobile rang and her face lit up as a sunflower that blossoms at the sight of the bright yellow sun. It was Niralya, on the video call. Hey, have you left for work? She asked. No, not yet, you tell, Anu replied. I am coming to meet you this weekend said Niralya, with a grin, that highlighted her beautiful dimple. Wow, it is going to be sisters time after quite a long time, said, Anu as she hung up her sister\’s call only to not get late for the day\’s work.
Anu was a confident and fun-loving person. She was an engineer by profession and an artist by passion. She balanced both the wheels so perfectly. In front of her system, her left mind spoke logic and programming language, whereas with her colours and paintbrush her right brain jumped into action and her painting spoke a thousand words. 
Irrespective of the other days, she wished the day to end as soon as possible, as she knew her sister would be there the next day. A pool of childhood memories clouded up in her mind, and she swam through them like a goldfish. It was Niralya who was Anu\’s go-to person,  Every time Anu faced a problem, be it anything in her life, it was Niralya who was always by her side to help her and guide her.
But now, she knew her sister was married, had her family and her cutie pie nephew to look after, she longed for this golden time with her sister.  
The sisters met with a hug and there was happiness all around. Anu prepared Niralya\’s favourites, homemade cappuccino and chocolate cake. It is three years since you left home, And there is no single day that I have not missed you. 
My job has kept me busy that I couldn\’t get time to meet you expect for the video calls. It was you who convinced mom and dad that I have to be allowed to work in another city away from home, Initially, whenever  I missed mom\’s food and the bike rides with dad, you were the one who thought me that an independent life may not be easy in the beginning, but eventually, it will give me happiness and confidence, and I have understood you were true.  But now, I am so perplexed about what my life would be like after I take up the responsibility of a new family after marriage. Mom has called about ten times last week, and she wants me to come home to meet the family and the guy. What you think I must do? Oh, Anu, what is there to think? Go ahead my girl, it is about the next phase of your life. 

There are only a few things I want you to remember, and I am sure you will see the magic happen. 
\’Love your partner with all your heart for what he is and accept him with his flaws, never judge each other for each person has a life of their own, and no one is born perfect, and life is about continuous improvement and about learning from each other\’s mistake and growing together and remember to support each other till the end of  life.\’
\’Life is all about forgiving and strongly unwilling to give up on each other. Life is nothing but wet clay that God blessed us all with. It is love, courage, will power, belief and trust that carves a masterpiece statue of eternal love out of life\’.

\’Until he understands you, keep your expectations low. You will be able to see happiness in the little things of life and that will make life beautiful for you.
 Dear Anu, you were the best in all that you did. Be it in our home or your studies, or now at your work. I am sure you will be the best wife too. 

I wonder how you are always able to answer my questions and make me feel better, you silly girl, I am your sister, and I know you, now don\’t think too much as I want to do some shopping here, and then we will watch a movie together. Anu felt the two days went in a blink of an eye. She bid goodbye to her sister and tears rolled down her eyes, she quickly whipped them and forced a smile as she gifted a box of homemade chocolate for her nephew as a token of her love for the little boy.

Scene 2
After two years, Anushiya married  Yashwanth, who she met after the weekend she spent with her sister.
It was Anushiya and Yashwant\’s second anniversary. They both visited the nearby temple.  After the priest did pooja to the deity, the holy kumkum was distributed to the devotees. As soon as Yashwant received it, he applied a thin streak of it on Anushiya\’s forehead. She looked even more beautiful, as she was happy that she has got a good and caring husband despite all the doubts once she had about marriage. 
Scene 3
A young girl witnessed the scene at the temple and blushed when she saw the happy couple, who knows, maybe she dreams of one such caring husband, and Anu noticed this girl and spoke about the same to Yashwanth. 

To which Yashwanth with a broad smile replied, \’someone has understood my worth after two years of marriage\’, Oh, Now, don\’t talk too much, your wife is hungry, take her to her favourite beach way restaurant, Anu said, with a chuckle.
Yes, your honour replied Yashwant and the couple left for dinner.

My sister was right, Magic, I have seen it happen, Anu thought to herself as she saw Yashwanth waiting for her to get down opening the front door of their car as soon as they reached the restaurant.
This post is written for #StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal & MeenalSonal.

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  1. I have always wondered what if I had a sister.. Reading your story I felt how loving it is to have a sister.. and with the kind of bonding that you have narrated.


  2. Such a simple and touching story, Sivaranjini. Very well narrated. The \”scenes\” are well described. Seems like a real life story.Sisters are the best. You have a sister, right?


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