Blogging – The Digital Way of Writing

What does any art form mean to an artist?  A very few would have questioned them this way.  A profession becomes passion only when we understand the joy of doing it.  When the bread-earning factor becomes a reason for bliss, that is when you discover your purpose in life.  The smile of fulfillment that brightens up your face when you have finished reading a good book or when you witnessed a painting that had beautiful gist of unsaid stories or rejoiced at a baby smiling at the sight of colorful balloons.

Wondering why I included smile to the happiness and satisfaction we get while enjoying an art form?

A smile is an art that only human beings are capable of gifting to the world around them. Undoubtedly, tears repair your soul and make you feel better but, a smile strengthens your soul and gives joy to lives and people around you. Smile whenever possible. Let your art decorate your life. Only such little things have the power to shower happiness abundantly.  Say thank you, say sorry when needed. Appreciate and encourage the people at your home first. Then, you will eventually discover the magic behind such small acts of kindness that would help you cherish and celebrate the blessings already present in your life.

 Exactly, ten years ago, I published the first post of my blog. It was merely a package of thoughts I put together initially. After that, my blog became my best friend, a great listener. Soon it was like when I wrote my posts, I felt happy.  The joy we experience when we watch the waves sitting on the seashore. I did not realize when my blog became a place for self-help & reliable information for my readers.  Blogging serves as a platform for learning, and no blogger would ever deny this.  The best part of it is it would provide a chance to read and learn about different things around you. Different kinds of blogs are similar to the distinct states in our country.  Each one is unique and has a taste, culture, and divinity that come along with it.

I know I may seem like someone using the word blog a thousand times or even more but believe it, or not it has given me confidence and the power to celebrate my blessing in life and also turned my obstacles into stepping stones. It has been my mood enhancer, a natural antidepressant, and given way to think about smiles that I can spread. The command over English I possess is due to my writing skill, and that was what made me teach English to the children in an NGO despite not having a UG or PG in English. When I could not take up a full-time job after engineering, my blogging was the window through which I saw the world of food technology once again with much more hope and strength. Blogging gave me the key to the door of my dream that once I lost in life and became the spark of hope and bliss in my journey.  The digital way of writing or blogging was unambiguously the soil upon which I grew flowers of hope, joy and bliss.

Here are some leanings I would like to share with my readers even though I am a beginner in the writing world. 

 1. Remember, your content is the king always.

2. Credible information is what you would like to receive as an audience. The same holds for your readers.

3. Give solutions and alternatives for the problem you promise to solve for them.

4. Develop and polish your unique style of writing.

5. Make sure your content reaches your target audience.


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