Cook with Comali – A Return Gift

The concept of this reality show is that cooks have to cook with a comedian and the purpose of the show is full-on entertainment. The different tasks and the rounds help the cooks reach the finale and become the title winner. I had watched season 2 of this show and had become an adherent fan. Comalis or comedians are the people who bring about the fun element in the show.

All the cooks who reached the finale and cooked were simply the best at their craft and are winners of the infinite hearts of the audiences.

I am going to talk about my favorite comali’s or comedians here. Before that, everybody from the judges, Cooks, the anchor, and the entire team of CWC season 2 were simply at their best.

Sivaangi Krishna Kumar is a well-known singer with a beautiful voice. She is magically blessed with an innocent voice while talking, and her voice transforms into complete bliss when she sings. She said some people blamed me that I was trying to fake my voice to get noticed, which she proved wrong through her very nature and innocence, and evolved into the entertainer that she is today.

She says, ‘be you and, right things will find your way.’ I think she has shown the world how to walk ahead of obstacles with joy and laughter.

I wish her the best of everything in the world and loads of happiness and success. – Lots of love to you, dear Kulu Kulu.

Pugazh, another comali, with his acting skills, has not only made people laugh out louder but has made every girl, regardless of age, think that they should have a brother like him.

You can shower your brotherly care, love, and concern for your sister even though she is not the one born with you but is your sister from another mother says aloud this brother through his brotherly acts with Sivaangi throughout the show. 

The path to success is not easy for anybody in this world and, this holds for Pugazh too. He began as a comedian on the small screen and has today signed seven films on the big screen.

Bala, another Comali who has a great sense of timely humor and fabulous counters that left viewers laughing endlessly, was the one who worked very hard to help the cook accompanying him win. Despite that, the cooks, who he became the Comali for, got eliminated continuously. So he put his heart and soul and worked effortlessly to make Ashwin enter the finale.

When people trust you with their path to success, put, all your efforts to make them the winner is what this comedy king has to say.

Sunitha Gagoi, another Comali who entertained people with her unique Tamil lyrics, was simply superb when she sang her self-made wrong yet funny lyrics with lots of confidence. She was undoubtedly the rock star. When she got acknowledged for the show, she said so, far, I have seen people speak negatively about me not knowing to speak in Tamil but, this show showcased it as positive content that can make people laugh and be happy while watching this show.

To see a flaw as a strength is a gift that this Comali has given all of us.

This show is a complete jolly ride with endless laughter. The two fabulous chefs, Venkatesh Bhatt sir, and Dhamu sir were best when they encouraged the cooks with their good words and filled the show with more happiness and laughter. I believe humor has no language, as same as music. To gift the gift of laughter is a great gift in itself. And the entire team of Cook with Comali has justified this. If you require a natural anti-depressant or want to laugh your heart out, you can watch this show on Hotstar. It is a show with an IMDb rating of 9.6, so do not miss it.

A big Thank you to the entire team for making people laugh and help them forget their worries in these difficult times. This post is my return gift to the CWC team for telecasting the finale on 14th April and filling up my birthday with happiness and laughter.


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