Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

To all the bloggers across the globe, I welcome you all to be a part of the blogger’s day celebration on my blog from 1st June to 14th June.

As a part of this event, I will be writing about different blogs, the blog journey of renowned bloggers, their tips for better blogging so, it inspires budding bloggers, helps avid readers find some reliable blogs of different niches that could be useful and add value to their lives.  

This idea of celebrating the spirit of blogging is to bring to you all a collection of different blogs and bring about the purpose of each blog and how it can help the readers in their day-to-day lives. 

I want to thank all my friends and fellow bloggers for contributing and doing their part to make this blogger’s day event what it is today.     

Blogging or, the digital way of writing for me, was the passion that inspired me to write various blog posts under the category self-help, and that was where my blogging journey started. 

Later, it was a tool that helped me to get back to food technology which I thought would not be possible without taking up a full-time job in the field after my graduation.

If you are a blogger, you can be a part of this. Send your blogging journey in a snippet along with your respective blog links to my mail. The final day for sending is 30th June.

Let us celebrate the spirit of blogging!

Blog showcased today can immensely help you be happy and stay at the pink of your mental health.

About the blog

Mental health is one of the most talked-about topics in recent times, mainly due to the uncertainty and fear the pandemic has brought to human beings. But, this blogger has always emphasized the importance of mental health and believes her blog can raise awareness about mental health among people and remove the stigma associated with discussing mental health. 

This reliable mental health blog can provide you with hands-on information that is useful and helpful.

Blogging tips from the blogger :

I do extensive keyword research and create content understanding the search intent. I plan my content well beforehand and, I maintain a content calendar. I invest a lot of time and energy to give my best content to the readers.

I dedicate at least 4 hours to my blog, which also includes my podcast and Youtube channel. I have divided my work for each platform daily. 

I make optimum use of social media platforms to promote my blog and poems. 

Content calendar with a strategy, keyword research, preparation of graphics/infographics well in advance helps maintain the smooth flow of work. Also, staying optimally active on social media platforms helps my work gain visibility.

Blogger Name: Priyanka Joshi

Blogging Niche: Mental Health and self-improvement

Blog Name: Sanity Daily & Virtual Siyahi

Blog Link:Ā


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  1. Reading about priyanka’s organized approach, no wonders that sh his doing so good today in her chosen field. More power to her and to your Shiva !!


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