Welcome, to Day 2: Celebrating the spirit of blogging

The blog showcased today is as pleasant as taking a fresh breath of air in a calm and serene place. Posts on this blog cover varied topics like mindfulness, peace, joy, spreading happiness that can resonate and reflect in the universe and bring bliss to the reader.

About the blog

This blog niche is mindfulness, but this blogger loves to write in different genres like poems, short stories, womanhood, arts and culture, mythology, mental health, true stories. This place is a potpourri of her literary offerings.
The blog has been featured among the top 15 Mindfulness and Storytelling blogs on the web.

About the Blogger

She writes a column named ‘Mindful Living with Swarnali’ on her blog, where she talks about finding bliss in everyday moments.
She believes that peace is a choice and, one can find peace amidst the chaos, too. All we need is to discover the blissful truths of life and, that is what she does through her blog.

She hosts a podcast ‘Pause Breathe Reflect’ where she talks about finding peace of mind and recites her poems on hope, healing, and happiness.

She organises and hosts blogging events with a bunch of talented bloggers across the world.

She loves to explore new horizons of writing and aspires to be a messenger of hope, love and peace on earth.

Blogging tips from the blogger:

It took me around three years to choose the niche for my blog. Finally, I found a theme that I love to learn, research, and write. So, I would like to say that if you are a budding blogger, then pick your favourite genre from the very beginning as it is easier to reach the target audience, set a goal, plan the contents, and do the research on that specific field.

The Three C’s of Blogging:

Creativity, Care, and Consistency.


Dear budding blogger, at first, you are a content creator. So prepare your mind to delve into the deeper surface of creating original and unique content, research as much as possible, dedicate your time to learn about the topic, and plan your strategy for writing your content.
Follow your heart. Be yourself.

Remember, Your blog is a place where your dreams are born. It is the place where you plant the seeds of your creative soul and watch them bloom. The more you nurture your blog with love and affection, the more it grows with utmost care. It becomes an umbrella under that you can rest when it’s raining outside.


For blogging and any other content creation job, you must be consistent in creating your content. Make a planner and follow that to post your content accordingly. Prepare your posts well before the publishing date, so you need not worry or rush on the publishing day. Try to post regularly.

But yes, remember one thing. You should enjoy the process and celebrate the journey. Don’t be hard on yourself to make a plan and follow a perfect strategy. At times, you can feel tired, frustrated, exhausted. Give yourself time to go with the flow.

Celebrate blogging, celebrate life, and celebrate yourself.

Blogger Name: Swarnali Nath
Blog Niche: Mindfulness
Blog link:

You are blessed, unique, and beautiful.
Happy blogging!!


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  1. Swanali is a very talented and matured blogger. Her writing flows effortlessly. She has a lot of maturity in her writing and depth in her thoughts.


  2. Thank you so much dearest Siva for featuring my journey in this precious series. Thank you to all the beautiful and kind souls I have met so far in this journey. It’s all for your love and support that keep me going. Much gratitude! πŸ™‚


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