Welcome, to Day 3: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is the one with multiple categories from food, travel, technology, blogging tips, finance, and a podcast to support the variety of content.

About the Blog

We take everything from the internet for free – music, images, reports, etc. but, what have we given back to the internet? This question that one of this blogger’s teachers back in school asked 16 years ago. And that’s the reason why he started his website to give back to the internet.

While his website is 15 years old, blogging happened about ten years ago in 2012. It started as an assignment in college and, he never thought that it would become his identity.

About the blogger is where this blogger shares his experiences of eating out, traveling, using gadgets and services, and everything else which he feels would be helpful to someone.

Over the years, he had written more than 1000 blog posts. Those have helped him not only become a good writer but also express himself in a better way.

Blogging has also helped him build a brand for himself which, is synonymous with him now, and humbled to have received awards and accolades from multiple sections of the media industry, featured in national dailies. But what pleases him the most is that he can share his knowledge and experience.

He had conducted workshops for Govt. officers, graduate and post-graduate students on various aspects of digital media.

Blogging tips from the blogger

One tip for all budding content creators would be to be consistent. There will be days and weeks without views, likes, comments, etc. but, that shouldn’t stop you. Be passionate to create and share content. Everything else will fall into place.

Blogger Name : Atul Maharaj
Blog Niche: Personal brand blog
Blog link:

#Personal brand blog

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