Welcome, to day 4: Celebrating the Spirit Of Blogging

The blog showcased today is a parenting and lifestyle blog. Podcasts are an integral part of this blog. If you are more of a listener than a reader, then this blog is for you.

About the blog

This blog began when the blogger wanted to share the perspectives of her parenting journey living abroad. And now, She is one of the top 12 NRI Parenting bloggers and, the blog is one of the top 230 English blogs.

About the blogger

This blogger believes in experiencing the satisfaction of living her passion every day. Her writing journey began before blogging. She was authoring a parenting column in one of the Austin south Asian local newsletters.

But, blogging has given way to share her beautiful thoughts and insights about both parenting and lifestyle. It has been a very fulfilling experience for her. It gave her not only inner satisfaction but also recognition.

Her podcasts are a great way to invest your time because she does an admirable job there too.

Blogging tips from the blogger

I spend two hours everyday writing. It includes preparing and recording for my podcast and my other recording commitments as well.

I plan my content and have an excel sheet for future post ideas and published posts.
It saves my time and allows me to stay focused. I also keep my phone away from me while writing and avoid checking social media.

I divide my writing window among publishing, engaging on other blogs, posting on social media. This division of time has helped me in keeping my schedule on track.

I use optimum use of social media to promote my blogs, podcasts without feeling the pressure. I believe one should take a day off or have at least one light day. This time, I use to prepare the graphics, prepare podcast scripts and keep them ready.

Blogger Name: Alpana deo
Blog Name: Mothers Gurukul
Blog Niche: Parenting & Lifestyle

Blog link:

#Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

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  1. This is such a beautful read. Even if I know you Alpana, its always motivating and inspiring to read more about you and your work. You are the inspiration for my podcast too, and in the last 2 years we have learnt a lot in each others company. Hosting a blog hop with you was my lifetime experience, look forward to more similar projects.


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