Welcome, to day 5: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today gives you hope, the soil on which you build your life.

Every word of hope adds to happiness, will, strength to the listener. If you are a person who enjoys listening to Hindi poetry, this blog is for you.

About the blog

This blog was the beginning of all the great work the blogger does as an influencer. She believes the sky is the limit if you are passionate about your work. She started her blog in 2018, and it helped her discover her love and inclination towards poetry.

About the Blogger

This blogger knew from the beginning what kind of content she wanted to create. Utilizing her blog as a starting point now, she creates various forms of content. She instils hope and joy through her poetry. She was the runner-up winner in the Hindi poetry category in the year 2019.

From there, she never looked back and stepped into the influencing world too. She has worked with so many reputed brands till now, and the experiences are what she treasures.

Tips from the blogger

If someone is passionate about content creation and doesn’t want to invest in a self-hosted website initially can start their influencing journey without investing a single penny. And I did the same and now earning a decent monthly income through my campaigns. So, nowadays, Instagram blogging is also a great idea to start with your influencer journey. Do not allow your limited resources to limit your success. Believe it or not, I started with a broken phone.
Do not wait for anything. Jump into your world of ambitions with your great ideas!

Blogger Name: Dipika

Blog Name: My aspiring hope

Blog Niche – Motivational Poetry blog

blog link:

Bloggers day – Motivational & Poetry Blog

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  1. Thank you so much Shiva for allowing me to talk about my experience with your readers. It was a great experience. Keep doing the great work, best wishes for all your further projects.


  2. I have always liked deepika’s simple and powerful poetry. She used simple words but they are filled with hope.


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