Welcome, to day 6: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is multilingual and this creative space gets supported by music which is a universal language.

About the blog

You can find some instrumental music which through your ears soothes your soul and, some DIY videos to use simple things and make new multipurpose products.

In short, if you are a person who enjoys exercising your right brain, this website is for you. You can also watch several interesting author interviews.

About the blogger

She began writing for some of the parenting platforms and, her posts were very appreciative and were acknowledged.

It was then she started her website. She designed a logo to depict her passion for writing and music.

She creates posts on short stories, poetry, parenting, recycling, and does video blogging.

She writes whenever she feels like writing and allows her thoughts to flow. That is also a reason she doesn’t plan according to a schedule or a niche. She dedicates equal time to manage her YouTube channel along with her blog.

She ensures to create content for both and links them to each other for better reach and engagement. She took the initiative to promote books through her YouTube show and, more than fifty authors have been her esteemed guests till now.

Blogging tips from the blogger

Pay attention to SEO and Promotions. Use relevant keywords and, don’t forget to promote your work on all social media platforms. Gradually, people will notice your work. And if the content is good, it’ll be appreciated too.

Blog Name: Rashi Roy
Blogger Name – Rashi Roy
Blog Niche – Personal Blog (Fiction, Poetry, Parenting)

Blog link:

Bloggers day – Personal brand blog

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