welcome, to day 7:Celeberating the Spirit of Blogging

There are two blogs showcased today. One is a parenting blog that primarily focuses on hustle-free parenting and also helps children know about their mental wellbeing.

The other one is a children’s blog written from the eye of a child. Shravanth, the little boy, is the hero. He shares the journey of his inner and outer world and writes book reviews in his unique way for his friends to read.

About the blogs

The blog was started in 2012 by this mom blogger to capture her Son’s early childhood journey. The first post came when her little Shrav was 100 days old. Then, Shravmusings was just a hobby blog for the two of them to capture their sweet memories together.

Later, in 2019, She began as an active blogger, Started learning the tips and tricks of effective blogging.
Now She runs two blogs one, to still capture her child’s adventures, and the other one MommyShravmusings, to express herself as a parent and life coach.

About the blogger

The chemical engineer turned blogger is a certified life coach. She conducts workshops for both parents and children.
Through her workshops, she helps children to be aware of their mental health and wellbeing. For parents, Her workshops help to make their parenting journey simpler and joyful. Her blog posts got featured at Mompresso, IndiBlogger, Blogchatter, and Medium.

Blogging tips from the blogger

In a day, I spend 5 hours on my blogs, an hour on Social Media, 2 hours on content preparation, and the rest of the time on KW research and SEO activities. A day a week, I try to spend time working on all my creatives.

Blog Names – MommyShravmusings, Shravmusings

Blogger Name – Suhasini

Blog Names – MommyShravmusings, Shravmusings

Blog links – 1. 2.

parenting & Children’s blog for bloggers day

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