Welcome, to day 8: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today has the essence of nature blossoming with every word woven into a crafted word gallery that has its unique beauty of being associated with the five primary elements of existence.  It has liveliness that resonates with the world.

About the blogger

Back in 2011 being, a SAHM, she was craving to do something creative. Unlike a corporate job, She had all the time for herself and, She began her blogging journey with her first blog titled creatingmyownsky on BlogSpot, and then on WordPress to being finally self-hosted.

She started giving her diary scribblings a digital format, along with some shares for her kids to cherish in the years to come. She writes about her random musings, observations, the journey of motherhood, some travel experiences. 

About the blog

With her love and passion for panchtatwas of life, She started designing a blog with concepts to balance these tatwas with her writings. And Praguntatwa was thus born with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and sky as categories. 

Earth- Sustainability conscious living and tree love

Water – WoW MoM musings/ parenting

Air – Aura around us, traditions, festivals

Fire – Food/ cooking/ Food quotes

Sky – Travel stories

Her blog is her ikigai and, she loves to weave words creatively.

Blogging tips from the blogger 

• Every post is a journey – sometimes an idea pops up in the middle of the night, and the other times it is a dedicated effort that helps me create my posts. I try to dedicate 2-3 hours daily to my blog. 

Once I get a topic in my mind, I write the rough draft with the heading, body of the blog post, a creative infographic, sometimes adding my audio to the post, then sharing on social media for more reach is all the work that goes behind any blog post

• My blog is also my baby and, it surely needs nourishment and time from me. My blog is the ikigai that has changed and helped me big time in my life.

 It has given me an identity, a place to share my views, thoughts, and ideas. A Space to be creative and express me to the world.  

My blog featured among the top blogs in the year 2020. 

I find my blogging journey a satisfying and fulfilling one, where I got to meet many awesome like-minded bloggers and friends for life.

I also have a podcast with the same name as my blog, where I read my creative stories and poetry for those who have never seen the light of the day ever in life.

Blogger Name – PraGun (Prachi Gunthey)

Blog name: Sun-Sea-soil-sky

Blog niche – Lifestyle focusing on sustainable, conscious living and balancing panchtatwas of life. Love for nature and positive stories. 

#Eco-friendly lifestyle blog

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  1. Thanks a lot, Sivaranjini for featuring me on your blog this Bloggers day.
    It means a lot and thanks to your efforts for bringing all of us together.


  2. That’s so sweet of you Alpana, Yes this blogging journey has really given me some special people to cherish and you are one of them. Hoping to meet you in person some time soon. Marathi porgi ani guppa goshti…


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