Welcome, to Day 9: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

  The blog showcased today is celebrating its 11th Blogiversary. Best wishes to this blog to prosper and celebrate many more successful years. This lifestyle blog has different genres to explore, starting from poetry to politics. Make sure to be a part of the Blogiversary celebrations.

About the blog

Today the blog is celebrating its 11th successful year. And, this blogger is glad that it has come this far. He admits he never imagined that it would see this day when he began. But because of the love, support, and motivation from readers, it is still going strong. The blog over the years has found a lot of success too. – it was declared the top 20 lifestyle blogs in India as well as globally by feedspot. It is among the top Indian blogs by Indiantopblogs, among other accolades.

About the blogger

This blogger is the founder of ‘The Contemplation of a Joker’ – A lifestyle blog. He writes blog posts in various genres that include: book reviews, travel, fiction, poetry and, socio-political categories. He chose to be the Jack of trades like blogging, writing, traveling, and acting while mastering the Art of Joking, being an aware and responsible human. After serving seven years as Business Consultant, he pursued his passion for Blogging/Writing and Theatre acting.

Everyone cursed 2020 for being the Pandemic year, but he wanted to change this for himself. And, the year turned out to be a lucky year to him as he published his first poetry book – ‘You, Me & the Universe.’ It was only released as a paperback and became an Amazon bestseller. The kindle version will be out soon. The same year he co-conceptualized and co-created an anthology ‘The Woman That I Am’ celebrating womanhood that saw more than 1700 downloads on Blogchatter. 

He lost his father about a couple of years back. And with this pandemic, there is a lot of gloom all around he finds solace in writing. And in many ways, it turns out to be therapeutic to him. It helps him cope with his outside battles and those that he constantly keeps on fighting within. It has also helped him forge bonds with individuals, which he believes would not have been otherwise possible. 

His umbrella of writing related-activities has been consistently growing and, he has been fortunate enough to be getting a lot of beta reading and manuscript editing opportunities. He also dedicates time to mentor budding authors and bloggers to achieve their goals. 

A few words from the blogger

My message for all those who want to take up blogging or writing, the success will take its own sweet time. Please do not go with the expectations that you will find immediate success. Be persistent and patient. Success will come. 

We are all together in these difficult times. You can always reach out to me if you feel like talking. Stay safe and stay blessed.

There are the people who keep you going when you are on the verge of quitting. A special shout out and heartfelt gratitude to my sister as none of the writing would have seen the light of the day if it was not for her. 

Blogger Name – Manas Mukul

Blog Name – The Contemplation of a Joker

Blog Niche – Lifestyle blog


Bloggers day-Lifestyle blog

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