Welcome, to day 10: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The lifestyle blog showcased today has a myriad of blog posts that includes: Movie reviews, book reviews, short stories, poems, and posts that take you through a roller coaster ride of human emotions that you experience in your day-to-day life.

About the blog

The blog officially came into existence in 2018 and practically in 2019 and onwards. One can read short stories, poems(in Hindi and English), book reviews, movie reviews. And also various blog posts about lifestyle subjects, like relationships and the myriad of human emotions. It is listed among the top 200 Mom Blogs worldwide.

About the blogger

The blogger is a MBA graduate with work experience and is a loving mom to her kids. Apart from blogging, She enjoys dancing and singing. Blogging has brought her back the lost zeal of a working professional whose career has taken a back seat due to the work visa restriction policy in the USA. Blogging to her is something that has opened the pathway to channelize her thoughts. It has served her as the best medium to vocalize her views and help reach a wider audience.

In 3 years of her journey, She has published two eBooks. And her Hindi poem had been a part of the bestselling anthology Meri Maa, and is available on Amazon. She was accolade with the award -Influential Women Of The Year 2020 by Spiritmania.

She is happy that her work is gradually getting recognized and monetized. She loves reading books so, she schedules time equally for reading and writing blog posts. Adding to that, She keeps a safe window for her daily dose of binge-watching without a miss. Fridays are her favourite days as they have a ritual of family movie time!

Blogging tips from the blogger

I spend 2 hours in the morning on my blog. Preparing a monthly checklist beforehand is the key to maintaining consistency. I schedule weekends to prepare graphic designs & creatives and my Dil Ki Diary.
I am a fun-loving social person online and offline so, I make sure to engage with people on all the social media handles from time to time. And, I consider it as one of the vital parts of blogging.

Blogger Name– Archana Srivastava
Blog name– Archus Blog
Blog link –

Bloggers day – Lifestyle blog

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