Welcome, to day 11: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is an oasis that will help you forget that you are in the desert. You can experience the water quenching your thirst for words.

About the blog

The blog is an oasis of stories, poetry, prose, and random musings of this multifaceted blogger and an anthology that will help you experience the world of different people through their words with the help of their pen. 

About the blogger 

This blogger is a wandering Dinosaur and a Passionpreneur. She is an M.Sc in Psychology, NLP Practitioner. She has 15 years of work experience in the Recruitment and HR domain, with the Corporates, Datamatics, HCL, Flipkart and, Payoda, Technologies.ย 

Now, She works as a Trainer/Coach and an Enabler with the Institutions/Schools/ Organizations, using Neuro-linguistic Programming and Storytelling concepts as a tool. 

Her words have the ability to dance in the mind of the reader. And that is how she creates a world of her own, one through writing where she conducts writing events along with her battalion of DinoWriters. Another through storytelling, where she provides a platform connecting passionate storytellers.

She has published two books,

-Mayaakatha, Illusion holding reality within &

– Coffee with soul and has co-authored 12 books.

 Apart from this, she has compiled an Anthology, Arising from the Dust, journeyed by 32 writers and, it is ranked No.1 in Amazon Bestseller and Hot new releases.  

Also, you can listen to her on Google podcast, Anchor, and Spotify (Rhythm English Poetry & Magix English Storytelling show with Literoma)

And if you do not find her anywhere, be sure that she is running with her Homo sapien-Princess. 

She is awarded the

– Author of the year 2019 by #NE8xยฎ Online Literature fest for her debut book, Mayaakatha

– Certified as One of the Top 100 debut Authors by Criticspace and Literatureslight for the year 2019 and 2020

– Awarded as The SpiritMania Influential Women award for the year 2020 

Awarded as Nari Samman โ€“ Woman of Substance by, Literoma 2020.

– 2020 Finalist in the Womensweb-Orange Flower Award for Best use of Facebook groups

– 2020-Star Dust Award by Literoma

– Top 3 Finalist in Tamilnadu Women Achievers award and was honored as Top Nominated contestant – 2021 

– Glass Ceiling Award by Women’s League Foundation – 2021

Blogging tips from the blogger

I believe in planning, though I accept the uncertainties that love me. I do not pivot or v-lookup like those HR days career in my life. But, I add my tasks and all my plans to the google sheet. And I love it when the data dances in front of my eyes. Yes, a little bit of OCD helps me plan and execute what I vision in my mind.

Visualizing the Outcome helps me in chalking out the path and creating a guide for myself. Adding timelines to my tasks/outcomes on my Google sheet/excel helps me in tracking. Also, it is perfectly okay when we do not get those e-world certifications or do not accomplish our tasks in time. Learning is in those experiences!

Blog Name – Meera’s Oasis

Blogger Name – Meera V Barath

Blog Niche – Personal Brand Blog


Bloggers day – Personal Brand Blog

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  1. Hey Meera

    Came to know many interesting sides of urs…but still so modest n humble….
    I love the way u talk n write dear dino…

    N happy I met u๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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