Welcome, to Day 12:Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today has the pleasant aura of positivity in every word. The blogging sister duo shares their multitude of blissful thoughts in a simple yet effective way to their readers.

About the blog

Aura of Thoughts is a blog that is beaming with positivity under various categories such as Lifestyle, Parenting, Social Issues, Women, Poetry & Book Reviews. With simple yet effective language, the blog has taken a special place in the reader’s heart. Being in the Top 230 blogs of India for three years and being judged the Most Promising Book community by Qwerty Thoughts, the blog has more than 550 articles.

About the Blogger

Meenal Mathur & Sonal Mathur – The blogging sister duo soulfully connected by this blog, share their thoughts living in different cities. Meenal shares her thoughts from Jaipur, Sonal pours her words from Faridabad. They, being able to ease a complex expression, is their blog’s specialty. Poems are well connected with the audience and leave them with awe of the poetry. Writing from the heart that imparts a positive impact on readers is what this blogging duo does effortlessly. Wellness and Parenting are their dearest topics but, they never fail to pen thoughts on social issues such as Education and Environment. They being avid readers, express their bookish thoughts in Book Reviews and Author Interviews. They have written three books on Relationship, Parenting, and Fiction, contributed poems in various anthologies and, were well appreciated.

How did they start blogging?

Blogging is a beautiful journey where their ideas took wings. They always wanted to let know, everyone how positive beliefs can change simple perspectives of life and how one can find happiness in little things around. But these sisters were living in different states but wanted to work together and, then their idea of blogging took a leap. Their blog reflects this positive aspect in every article they post.

How do they dedicate time to writing blog posts?

Every day 2 – 3 hours is dedicated to blogging which includes deciding the blog strategy and the upcoming blog posts according to the current topics and theme of the blog. Discussions between them for the blog and writing also takes place at this time.

How blogging helped in their life?

Writing helps them to reinvent, reassess and rekindle hope. They believe writing can change someone’s perspective, make someone’s day, and even can bring a smile or fill eyes with tears. So they let their thoughts and beliefs reach others through their writing.

Blogging Tips from the blogger

1. Be natural: Every blogger needs to follow their style and talk to readers as friends. It would be great if bloggers do not copy others. But show originality as this may hamper their integrity.

2. Be consistent: Blogging for the past seven years, we can say consistency is the key in Blogging as this helps in the long run and makes readers look forward to your blog.

3. Be a good learner: One has to keep themselves updated with the technical terms. And also have to explore and experiment with the blog.

Blogger Name: MeenalSonal

Blog Name: Aura Of Thoughts

Blog Niche: Parenting, Lifestyle & Book Reviews

Blog link:

Bloggers Day- Parenting, lifestyle & book review blog – Aura of Thoughts

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