Welcome, to day 13: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is a travel and book review blog.

About the blog

This blog began as this blogger realised she has a lot of photos of all the places she has travelled through the years and wanted to preserve the experiences and memories.

  It is believed that an introvert experiences the world through books. Whereas, an extrovert experiences knowledge through the different places they travel. When a person who is an ambivert writes a blog it has its charm because of the amazing flavour of interest it brings to the reader.

About the blogger

This blogger loves reading and writing as words are her best friends.

As she was also passionate about social media she brought all the three under one umbrella blog writing, content creation and also help small business have an effective social media presence.

She writes about famous and also not so famous places that she has travelled to. If she writes about the famous temple she visited she always mentions the nearby shopping areas where you can get to do some useful shopping too.

She has worked with blogchatter, one of the most happening online community when it comes to consistent content creation and promoting blogging in the blogosphere. she says every day was a new experience working with their marvellous A. Team.

She brings about the interest to make you visit the place once you have finished reading about it through her writing. she also writes book reviews of the books she reads.

The blogger is an English language expert and she has hands-on experience in proofreading and editing.

Even in the world of AI tools for writing, nothing can replace a pair of the intelligent human eye to screen your writing manually if you want to polish the book you have written recently or you want someone who can do social media management for your small business. Rite content is there for you.

A few words from the blogger

Start your blog, podcast, YouTube channel whichever you like -today.

The better days are right here and right now.

You can start with a free site hosted by anyone. I started with and more recently with before I got my paid website.

Blog Name – RITEcontent

Blogger Name – Brinda Vijay

Blog Niche – Travel&Book Review blog

Blog link –

Blog posts Celebrating the spirit of blogging is now a part of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon too. I p

Bloggers Day – Travel & Book Review Blog

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