Welcome, to day 14:Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

 The blog showcased today is a parenting and lifestyle blog with a difference. As it not only highlights the joyful yet tiresome job of being a mother but throws light on the hardships some women face before, they embrace the boon of motherhood

About the blogger

This blogger started blogging in early 2018 to create a digital space to pour her creativity and document her motherhood journey. Motherhood came to her after battling with infertility for a decade. And she had to sacrifice several dreams during this fight. She decided to share her journey with others with the hope that it would help her readers.

That is how she started blogging. She also manages to earn a passive income through her blog.

Blogging has helped her to foray into many creative spaces. Today, she runs her YouTube channel ‘Katha Potpourri’ for storytelling and, she is also the co-founder of ‘Sworna Utkala.’

A start-up that promotes and revives the ancient temple art form which, is dying with time. 

About the blog

The blog not only talks about the parenting journey. But has posts to help deal with the battle against infertility. It has several blog posts to help ease pregnancy and motherhood. 

Juggling between the parenting of toddler twins and blogging was difficult for this mom blogger. But, within a year, her blog was featured as the top 27 best mom blogs. And, was also chosen as the best top five blogs practicing the best domain naming strategies among the 150 blogs all over the globe. 

Blogging tips from the blogger

Have a niche and delve vertically into one aspect of your niche.

Having a niche is most important. But once you decide on your niche, you should start delving vertically in one aspect. 

For example, if you are a mom blogger, and you have 3-4 buckets of subtopics like ( healthy recipes, DIY, STEM activities, Books, etc.) that you blog then, you should choose one bucket to show your expertise on that particular topic.  

Create digital products designed to help your audience as it will help you gain a loyal audience and provide you with passive income.

Don’t neglect the technical aspect of maintaining a blog like SEO and up-gradation of plugins. Technical knowledge of your blog will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Blog Name-womb2cradlenbeyond

Blogger Name – Debidutta Mohanty

Blog Niche – Parenting and lifestyle blog

Blog Link –

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

Bloggers Day – Parenting & Lifestyle blog

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  1. Amazing . Debi has a calm and lot of substance in her blogs. Even the vlogs are so well researched. I remember reaching out to her for info on setting up ngo and she helped me with every bit of information . Blessed to have her around. I agree learning technical things have been really good for all bloggers and we must do it


  2. Debi is dong a wonderful job. What amaze me is her deep research and knowledge about mythology. I agree, knowing the basic technicalities is a must for every blogger.


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