Welcome, to day 16: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is a culinary destination for all the food lovers because the blog houses a variety of mouth lingering recipes ranging from sweets, snacks, desserts, cakes, bread variety, and gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan that suits the needs of the reader. 

About the blog

 The blog focuses on vegetarian cooking and eggless baking and has a wide range of recipes for everyone. Anyone regardless of their experience in cooking can cook/bake by following the easy instructions with step-by-step images. 

Most of her recipes are devoid of refined flour and refined sugar. She posts regularly and writes in a simple storytelling way and conversational style, which involves the reader. Along with the recipes, she also shares knowledge and information-based articles.

The specialty of her recipes is they are a mix of traditional, modern, and fusion categories giving her readers a wide variety of choices. The best part is that all of them are not only tempting to our taste buds but easy to cook. Her easy recipes encourage even a kitchen-shy person to venture and try something.

About the blogger 

Cooking isn’t just a mundane or daily task for her. It is her passion. She constantly experiments with a variety of ingredients, flavors, and aromas. All thanks to her love for cooking. With due credit to a lot of encouragement from her loving husband and two adorable sons, she decided to begin sharing her secret cooking recipes with the world. It was her dear husband who suggested that she should start her food blog.

It has been more than four years now. And, the journey has been truly rewarding with recognition, appreciation, learning, and making many virtual friends across the globe.

Apart from the monetary angle, seeing her posts in Google’s 1st rank gives her utmost happiness and satisfaction. All she can say is blogging is her world! 

Blogging Tips from the blogger

I am still learning daily but would like to share some tips that I have learned from my struggle. From what I have understood, every blogger needs to focus on the following four areas:

  1.  Niche: If you want to stand out in the blogging world, choose one rather than a broad topic.

2. Content: Never compromise on this and always make it reader-friendly by giving adequate headings, spacing, font, etc. Develop your writing style. 

 Be original, and if you create some content inspired by someone else’s blog, then do remember to give due credit to that blogger through interlinking.

3. SEO: SEO is the foundation of blogging and, without this, your blog is nothing but a digital diary. But it’s like an ocean, and no matter how much you learn, there’s always more to it. It’s like swimming. You may have umpteen lessons of it. But, the learning begins when you get into the water. So, take your SEO lessons and then keep shining and improving with each blog post.

4. Google Search Console: It’s like having an audit of your blog so, do not ignore it.

5. Co-bloggers: Develop a healthy rapport with your co-bloggers, even if they are your competitors.

Blog Name– Samira’s Recipe Diary

Blogger Name– Samira 

Blog Niche-Culinary blog

Blog Link

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter

Bloggers Day – Culinary Blog

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  1. Samira’s ebook was my first Book review for blogchatter. I have also loved the way she makes it easy , relatable and doable steps and instructions. It’s wonderful to see her here.


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