Welcome, to day 19: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today has five petals to make it a beautiful flower. The five distinct petals are fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, and writing challenges. You can visit the words garden to experience the essence of every word you read.

About the blog

The blog is the blogger’s creative space where she voices her opinions and, it serves as a channel to showcase her thoughts, her learnings & her experiences. This space is a potpourri of contemplations that draw their parallels from life and its unpredictable events. One can read short stories, poems, non-fiction, book reviews when one visits the blog. The blog is still in its nascent stage and is trying to evolve into its best avatar.

This blog started as a means where the blogger intended to put down just her sentiments on paper to channelize her thoughts and give them a structured format. But in the process, a new path got discovered. And the journey was of self-discovery, of finding the passion of creating and weaving new worlds with words. 

The journey from a blogger to being an author would never have been a reality had this blogging journey never commenced, which was a childhood dream of the blogger. The main aim of this blog is to present common relatable incidents or characters through fiction/ poems. Giving the readers a chance to pause and reflect if there is a slight positive change of mindset, then it is an achievement for the blog in the true sense.

About the blogger

This blogger completed her MBA in Marketing and went on to join the Corporate World. She worked as a Product Manager in various Multi-National Companies headquartered in Mumbai. After five years of experience, she had to take a less-traveled path and change her career as life demanded. Currently, she is a Government Employee and believes that the world of books is magical. She is passionate about reading and loves to pen down her emotions. She is interested in content creation and exploring ways to hone her writing skills. She aims to keep write quality articles, be it fiction or non-fiction. She aspires to write relatable and gripping content which can engage her readers and give them wings of imagination.

She published her first short story titled Five Petals, which is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition and, she recently published her second poetry book titled Heartfelt symphonies. She aspires to bring out the paperback publication of both her books soon.

A few words from the blogger: 

This blog has given me my newfound identity and has helped me connect with many amazing fellow bloggers, authors, and innovative minds. I can say that this passion for creating has even helped me survive some of my setbacks in life and helped me remain sane and focus on the positive aspect of life. The feeling of being connected with like-minded people means a lot and, it does not make you feel like an isolated island! One needs to believe in one’s self. And even if nothing makes sense at first, one should keep trying to explore. And eventually, the path will appear. I do not believe in getting certificates but, I am always open to learning and improving my creative capabilities to deliver better.

Blogger Name – Chinmayee Gayatree Sahu

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Blog Niche – Personal brand blog

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Bloggers day- Personal brand blog

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

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