Welcome, to day 17:Celebrating the spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is for you if you are the one who believes in the magic words are capable of creating.

About the blogger

This website designer is the Founder of Soch aur Saaj, a personal brand blog. She is an awarded Poet, a featured Podcaster, Author of ‘Be Wild Again’ and ‘Alfaaz – Chand shabdon ki gahrai. If you are looking to create a website for your blog or business she can do it for you.

This blogger is an explorer by heart who has started on a voyage to self-discovery through her writings. She crafts a world of words based on the life lessons learned in the process of living a joyful life.

She is a thinker, observer, and seeker. She believes in exploring, experimenting, experiencing, and expressing. She believes writing is an art form and, she loves creating it. To her, it is liberating in itself as to painting your emotions vividly on a canvas. And she always feels rewarded when one can relate to it or when her writing brings that beautiful curve on their face or if it can brighten their day or uplift their emotions or motivates them.

About the blog:

‘Soch aur Saaj’ is a personal blogging website showcasing creativity through podcasts, Poetry, and Quotes. 

Soch means thought and, Saaj stands for adding apt value to it or presenting it in an effective and meaningful way. Soch is the lyrics while, Saaj is the melodious tune behind it that resonates with the listener even when the music fades away, hence Soch aur Saaj.

 The brand motto “Think | Create | Illuminate.” The blue colour in the inkpot reflects the creative energy(ink) waiting to take form. Once the quill dives into it and creative ink starts flowing into a sea of beautiful thoughts (ink mark below the name), it illuminates the world within(bulb) and out(ink spot on ‘J’) with a sparkle. 

A few words from the Blogger

Creativity needs the Patience to drive, Space to Breathe and, Freedom to Express. So, give yourself that space and freedom to build your empire with creativity. When I started building up my website, I never thought I could do it.
I tried, learned, experimented, failed, relearnt and, finally landed up creating the platform for myself. It helped me to craft a world with words. And, also paved the way to a new horizon of Web/UI designing.

So, never cease to learn and explore. You never know where you may land up one day. Though dark times would come now and then, pause, get clarity, derive new meaning, upgrade and show up the real YOU. Many a time, people will try to influence you but don’t fall for it. Follow your heart and pave your way. Be consistent and keep doing the hard work. Sooner or later, the world would recognize your talent.

Blog Name– Soch Aur Saaj

Blogger Name– Rashmi Jain

Blog Niche– personal brand blog

Blog Link

Bloggers day – Personal brand blog

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

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