welcome, to day 18:Celebrating the spirit of Blogging

There are two blogs showcased today. In one blog, the blogger writes reviews about the books she reads and web series she watches and vibrantly expresses herself. And in the other, she wears her professional hat of being a Certified Image Consultant and NABET Life skills trainer and helps people in mastering their emotions at the same time help them in identifying their true potential.

About the blogger

This blogger is a Certified Image Consultant and NABET Life skills trainer. She truly believes in the ABC of life, wherein A stands for Appearance, B for Behaviour, and C for Communication Skills. She empowers people by helping them own these critical skills to become the best version of themselves. As an Employability and job coach, she empowers and enables her clients to be Industry ready. As an EQ Coach, she helps her clients to master their emotions, reduce stress, and develop Emotional Intelligence.

To her, blogging is all about authenticity, credibility, and the expression of thoughts and a medium to expand her reach and empower a larger audience with quality content that can empower them with better knowledge.

Recently, she has published an eBook-A2Z of Image Management, where she shares her tips and tricks of effective image management.
This book is a complete guide to create your brand.
Her writing and talking about social causes gave me better visibility among my readers and was applauded by the blogging community.

About the blog

This blogger began her blogging journey way back in 2015 with her blog Swati’s world of Thoughts. This blog was all about expressing her inner self. Her love for books encouraged her to review them and, it instantly got connected with book lovers.

In the meantime, she discovered her true passion. Being a trainer and a coach gave the real purpose of her life of being an enabler. She has trained 500+ teachers and 2000+ students and successfully placed them across various industries.
This experience gave birth to her image management website which is 100% based on her niche. The articles on the blog are not just based on her experiences but hold immense authenticity and credibility.

Blogging tips from the blogger

For me, more than consistency, it is about genuine content that makes all the difference.

  • Be Authentic
  • Be Credible
  • Identify your niche!
  • Be Consistent

I dedicate 2 hours to writing and 2 hours to reading every day. I make sure I enrol myself in new courses related to my niche once in 3 to 4 months as I strongly believe in lifelong learning as it gives me happiness and self improvement. I hope to continue this incredible journey of blogging by giving quality content to my readers.

Blog names – 1.Swati’s World of Thoughts 2. Imagemakeover

Blogger Name– Swati Mathur

Blog Niche – 1. Personal brand blog 2. Image management blog

blog Link –, 2.

Bloggers day – personal brand blog and Image management blog

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

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