Welcome, to day 20: Celebrating the Spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today has a blissful aura of transporting the reader virtually through words to the place this IT professional and travel blogger visits.

About the blogger

This blogger fell in love with blogging in 2011 and has started pursuing it since then. She works full-time as an IT professional. And, owing to her busy schedule, She took a break from her blog pretty soon.

 Later, she started writing again during 2020 and has been consistently writing. It has also allowed her to participate in many blog challenges. 

About the blog

As the blogger believes in our lives, we all go through many memorable experiences. And penning them down serves two purposes: not only will it keep them alive for her, but it also allows other people to read and enjoy the experiences. Over time, traveling taught her so many valuable lessons. 

She realized that She had become a better and well-rounded person after living in different places and experiencing different cultures. With this thought in her mind, She started sharing her travel experiences and tips in her blog consistently.

Before visiting a new place, She does some research beforehand. It helps her create valuable content for her readers. She always tries to provide reliable information along with her personal experience of that particular place. She passionately shares her multi-sensory experiences with my readers about travel, culture, or food through her posts.

Apart from traveling, she loves to write poetry. You can find some of my poetries in her blog.

Blogging tips from the blogger

When it comes to blogging, consistency is the driving factor. Posting valuable content regularly and engaging with your audience will sure give your blog better visibility. Never stop learning new things which, are vital in improving your content quality. Success will come eventually.

Blog Name: The Blissful Aura 

Blogger Name – Abha Mondal

Blog Niche – Travel and Lifestyle

Blog Link –

Bloggers day – Traveling & lifestyle blog

Celebrating the spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

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