Welcome, to day 22: Celebrating the Spirit Of Blogging

The blog showcased today has numerous quills of a prolific writer, and if you are looking for a creative writing blog that could help improve your creative writing ability this is it.

About the blog

A rejected story by the name of ‘A Hundred Quills’ turned into a creative space called a blog in 2018. 

About the blogger

This proficient writer started blogging only to share with the world her poetry and stories which she had penned over years.

This personal space caught few eyes during the A to Z Campaign in 2019. But it was with Blogchatter’s ‘My Friend Alexa’ in September 2019 that her thoughtful quills got noticed in the blogosphere. Her writing actively for online magazines and winning short story/flash contests redirected traffic to her blog, helping her find and connect with like-minded people.

A creative writing blog thrives on collective creativity. To connect, engage, learn and grow together is her mantra. In the year 2020,
She published her first solo ebook titled ‘Unlocked: History in Verse’ at Blogchatter and participated in IGNITE- a unique online confluence of art and poetry.

As she began to make inlets into writing circles, her work found a home in poetry anthologies (The Kali Project; Poems from 30 Best Poets; You, Me & the Universe). She looks forward to being read in two poetry anthologies, a collection of memoirs and a short story collection in 2021.

Owning a blog space has helped her carve a beautiful writing journey and dream about the big picture. She sees a blog as an essential part of every ‘author dream’. Has she reached there as yet? Well, she says her journey is her destination!

A few words from the blogger

1. Read. If you read a hundred words, you will probably be able to write twenty! Read other poets, storytellers and engage with their writing.

2. Learn. While a dash of confidence can certainly boost your chances of getting noticed, be open to learning. Join workshops, collaborate, invest in short writing courses.

3. Try and be a part of writing communities. Use your blog to participate in their online events. Give feedback, seek feedback.

4. Getting published in online magazines, newspapers and anthologies is a wonderful way to know other writers and for them to know about your blog and your writing. Therefore, send submissions and ensure to add the link to your published work in the blog.

Blog Name – A hundred quills
Blogger Name – Sonia Dogra
Blog Niche – Creative writing Blog
Blog link –

Bloggers day – Creative Writing Blog

Celebrating the Spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter

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