Welcome, to day 24: Celebrating the Spirit of blogging

The blog showcased today is for you if you are a person who loves to explore both new places and a wide variety of cuisines.

About the blogger

This blogger’s blogging journey commenced in 2019 as a food and travel blogger. Travel was in her blood and places speak to her. She does not visit a place for pleasure or a way out of her daily routine but she digs out the history of places she visits and brings it forth to her readers in a unique way.

Her blog has featured in various travel stories, won awards. She is also the writer of the Amazon bestseller book that featured Extensive offbeat places of Gujarat.  She believes social media is bliss if used in the right manner. She uses them aptly to reach the readers that have an interest in the content she writes.

About the blog

This blogger’s extensive research on the content beforehand and nonpareil flair of writing helped her win the Best food and Travel Writer Award acknowledged by the Government of Gujarat, one of the colossal achievements of her life.

The place she visits tells her the story of what it went through in the past. That how she writes and lets her blog speak for her.

A few words from the blogger

I write content that has exceptional stories for my readers and also that satiates the need for SEO for better reach. I prefer researching extensively before jotting down.

Besides,  creating the blog post what is significant for me is how that blog reaches the targeted audience. So, extensively marketing it through my social media handles is what I spend the rest of my time in. Being a travel blogger, apart from the content, I dedicate most of the time to photographs and editing in the preferable way for readers to grasp.

Being a blogger and influencer, it is important to have hands-on several tools that aid you through your journey as a blogger.

My work as a blogger gives me the contentment that my job as a Quality Control head did not give.

Blog Name – Explore N Bite
Blogger Name – Sweta
Blog Niche– Travel & food blog

Blog link-

Bloggers day – Travel & Food Blog

Celebrating the Spirit of blogging posts are now a part of #HalfMarathon by Blogchatter.

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