Welcome, to day 25:Celebrating the spirit of Blogging

The blog showcased today is for you if you are an avid reader and want to decide on which book to read next.

About the Blogger

This new blogger is a dual degree student, An avid reader and a wonderful book reviewer.

She always felt a pull towards writing, due to which she always dreamt of having her blog. But it somehow seemed like a bird far away for her. As she was not knowing about it or She always was hesitant to start her blog.

She then came across a blogging community @blogchatter. It was their birthday so, she joined their zoom Celebration where she got to know about this wonderful community and many new people.

About the Blog

It is because of a particular blogger @atulmaharaj by whom this blogger got inspired to start her blog. Somehow, his blog had a positive energy that gave her the push to start her blogging journey.

She followed him instantly and tried to learn on her own. He was also generous enough to guide her with the basics and gave her the initial motivation like a great mentor.
So, it was on the same day, she started her blog. Then, she has also met some wonderful bloggers from who she has learned a lot and got inspired.

A few words from the blogger

I think my blog is a new beginning for me. I do not know what the next step is going to be or how my journey will progress but I do know that it will be an incredible one.

It is already being a learning experience. With so many new things to learn each day.

So far I am uncertain but I am also enjoying it. But that is the beauty of the journey. Isn’t it?

If you are still reading it till here, and if you are thinking of starting your blog then I would like to say just go for it.

Whatever is in your mind, growing like a butterfly, is your intuition and it can lead you in the right way.  Don’t think about anything else start your blog and proceed with your writing journey. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Blog Name – Spare Timer
Blogger Name – Muskan Gupta
Blog Niche- Book Review Blog

Blog Link –

Bloggers day – Book Review Blog

Today is the final day of celebrating the spirit of blogging I want to extend my gratitude to all the 25 fellow bloggers and wonderful friends for being a part of the bloggers day celebration on my blog and making it a grand success. I cannot thank you all enough for believing in my initiative and effort. Let us grow together and support each other and make the blogging journey of each one of us a successful and fulfilling one. Our journey as bloggers would not be possible without readers. I also thank every reader who visits, reads and supports me in my blogging journey.

Gratitude is one quality that paves a way for joy, hope, courage, faith, and love that is capable of making the world a better place.

With a multitude of joy and gratitude that fills my heart I the thank you blogger is ready for the next series on my blog that starts from the third week of July.

Stay safe, Stay blessed and take care.- The Thank You Blogger

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