4 Self Help Suggestions From the Wit and Humor Hero Who Cooked Justice.

I am sure all of us enjoyed children’s tales as children. But, we rarely see the perspective of these tales as we grow up in life. Come, let us explore the tales of wit and wisdom from the self-help perspective of The Thank You Blog.

The very purpose of my blog is to bring the smiles of hope, joy and provide strength through the power of words.

But, the new series for Blogchatter half marathon for a change would exercise your funny bones and make you think and laugh simultaneously.

It would help you relish your childhood days once again.
As I would present self-help from well-known heroes of wit and wisdom, you can find who they are as you read through the posts.

You can comment below the names of the king and wit and humor heroes if you can find them.

When kings ruled people, they had the wisest person in their kingdom to help with solving problems and providing better suggestions that would help in better decision making.

self-help with wit & humor


The king and his wise advisor went for a walk. It was an extreme winter’s day.
Man can do anything for money, said the wise advisor.
I do not agree with that, if so, find a man who can stand in the middle of the pond one entire night and withstand the ice-cold water.
Then, I would give the man one thousand gold coins said, the king. I will find one said, the wise and witty advisor.
Finally, one poor man took up the challenge and completed it successfully.
But before the king gave the reward to the poor man, he asked, how were you able to complete the challenge?
I did not suffer the chillness of the pond water as I was concentrating only on the light of the lamp that I could see from quite a distance.

Oh! Then you have cheated me. The warmth from the lamp has made you withstand the challenge. So, I will not reward you, said the king with anger.
The poor man told what had happened the previous day. He pleaded for help from the wise advisor who asked him to take up the king’s challenge owing to his family’s poor financial condition.
Do not worry. I will get you the reward you deserve said the wise advisor as he thought of an idea to help the poor man.

All the other officials in the royal court were present for the next day. But The witty advisor sent a message saying he would come after having his breakfast but, the whole day passed, he never turned up.The next day the king visited his advisor’s home to check on him but was surprised to see what was happening.

The advisor was cooking his breakfast in a pot hanging five feet away from the fire ignited for cooking.
This way you, can never compete your cooking, said the king.
If the poor man can receive the warmth of the lamp from a long distance, even food can receive heat and get cooked.

The king realized his mistake and gave the poor man his gold coins. And, also praised his advisor’s wisdom.

Self-help suggestions

1.There is always hope left in the tunnel if you have the will to believe in its power.
2.With your determination, you can nullify the hardest of the obstacles.
3.Never think that only your job is superior and underestimate other’s hard work.
4.When you point out someone’s mistake, talk politely. But make sure you make the person realize their mistake and seek ways to correct it themselves.


The post is a part of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon AUGUST 2021

who is the king and who is the wise man in this story? Any idea of what he actually cooked let me know your answers in the comments below

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