Creative Writing Simplified With Wit & Humor Tales

We are going to discuss the kind of writing done in the story discussed in the previous post.

Wit & Humor tales blogchatterHalfMarathon

it is a famous tale from the wit & humour stories of Akbar & Birbal. It is the funny story Birbal’s kichadi

When we talk about writing a wit and humor Tale it has to descriptive so all our readers like it.

3 Parts Of Any Wit & Humor Tale

1.we begin by describing the place the characters in the story live.

If we are writing stories of the kings and their witty advisors, we will begin by telling about the kingdoms being filled with riches, the people in the kingdom being happy about their king’s rule, and nature showering ts glory.

2. we describe all the characters in the story

1.king – we would describe a king to be a brave soul, the one listening to the problems of his people and solving them.

2. The witty advisor- He will offer ideas, suggestions and solutions for every new scenario presented to the king. The way he presents the solution will have both wit & humor

3.Every scenario will have different characters with a different problem.

one person would be kind, another would be hardworking, one would be honest, one would be jealous, one would be greedy.

But, these characters would have a problem for which they will seek a solution.

There is a way these wit & heroes, say Tenali Raman or Birbal or the Betal give these ideas and solutions.

we will discuss that way.

5 Points to Remember While Writing a Wit & Humor Tale

  1. They will listen to the problem, observe the people involved and understand the entire situation.
  2. They will empathize with the person affected and put themselves into the other person’s shoes.
  3. they give their solution along with the logical reason why they are right and that helps in decision making.
  4. justice is given by the king.
  5. Their wit & humour hero is praised.

In the story, we discussed in the last post

Points to remember for writing wit & humour tales

Birbal listen’s to the problem of the man who stood in the freezing cold water and completed the king’s challenge but when the king denies his reward he worries and informs Birbal.

Birbal listens to the problem and puts himself in the place of the poor man and finds a logical solution to help him.

When the king says the poor man received the warmth from the light that is placed at a long distance Birbal says even the food recieves heat despite the distance so cooks kichadi by placing it away from the cooking fire.

The king understands his mistake and rewards the poor man.

I hope the outline of creative story writing I discussed is helpful.

happy writing & happy reading

-The thank you blogger.

The post is a part of blogchatterHalfMarathon Aug 2021


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  1. Birbal’s stories are always an eye opener in the most witty and humorous way possible. These stories will always stay with us and continue to entertain and educate us. Great post.


  2. Ha, the once upon a time story was to project an ideal world of the good and the bad and learn a moral through the conflicts and the outcomes.


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