3 Self-Help Thoughts From the Witty Hero Who Made the Angry Goddess Laugh

He was one of the most intelligent wit and humor heroes, who got this boon from a Goddess in the pursuit of getting the boon, made her laugh out loud.

One day, it happened that this young man prayed sincerely. He was lucky to see the Goddess Kali appear with thousand faces in front of him.

The young man did not react much but laughed. Why are you laughing? She enquired in a surprisingly angry tone. 

I have only one nose. And if I get cold, I find it difficult to wipe my single nose. I thought how hard it must be for you to manage with not one but a thousand noses and, I could not stop laughing. Listening to this, even the furious Goddess Kali started laughing.

After a while, she said Even though you sounded silly, you made me laugh too so, I am impressed. I will grant a boon. As soon as she told this, she handed over two pots to the young lad.

Now listen, one pot has the milk of wisdom, and the other one had the milk of wealth. You have to choose one. She said. 

But, how can I choose without tasting which one to drink, asked the young man? Go ahead. Taste both but, you can drink only one, warned the Goddess. But, the young man, to the Goddess’s surprise, drank both at once.

He said sorry to disobey you. But, wealth and wisdom one, without the other, would be of no use so, I chose to drink the milk in both the pots.

I will grant your boon and, you will be a famous poet in the kingdom. But, because you disobeyed me, you will only be remembered as a jester by the future generations. Saying so, the Goddess disappeared.

3 selfhelp thoughts to ponder upon

  1. Everyone including God would be impressed if you can give them the gift of laughter.

2. We need to think before we act even if we stand before God

3.wealth and wisdom must go hand in hand in this world.

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