3 Creative Reminders to Create Catchy Characters

  1. More Adjectives, more adverbs or more describing words means more descriptive that helps to paint the scene in our mind’s eye easily.

”Few powerful words can create a thousand pictures!”

2. Describing the main character

in this story, it is the Goddess Kali who answers the prayer and grants Tenali a boon is the main character.

A frightening figure appeared on the scene amidst thunderous noise. It was really the Goddess Kali.The Goddess Kali had a thousand faces and, all her thousand mouths opened. The long teeth stretched outside the mouth and, fire emanated from all the thousand eyes. It was a fearful sight.

The words like thousand faces, thousand eyes that emanated fire, long teeth stretched outside the mouth make it easy to imagine the Goddess Kali.

The Goddess and her character have the Godly way of answering prayers when she grants a boon for making her laugh. And she explains the dos and don’ts of the boon. When Tenali disobeys her, she punishes him for his actions by saying despite his knowledge, the future generation will remember him as a jester. The goddess appears as a well-wisher, guide, and teacher who tells the right way but punishes when she sees disobedience but appreciates intelligence and rewards it.

3. How to pen down the character of the wit & humor hero and give reasons why the character does what it does?

A mysterious doubt provoked me to laughter.’ Raman’s witty and mischievous mind doesn’t spare him from questioning the Goddess Kali and laugh over her appearance. She explains the benefits of the boon and the condition that come along with it. Tenali’s witty mind goes into action once again when he says,”How can I choose one without tasting the milk in both the pots.”? owing to his presence of mind, esquires the Goddess Kali about her appearance and, on the other hand, he plays a trick and drinks both the milk of wealth and wisdom.

In this story, Tenali ‘s Character shines with the presence of mind and intelligence. Along with a pinch of humor that adds the witty flavor. And this stays with him forever and, that makes him the famous Tenali Rama-the jester, who we read about even now.

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