3 Self-Help Thoughts From Vikramaditya & the Witty Vampire

I don’t know how many know about tales of Vikramaditya and the Vampire? But these stories were different from that of the wit and humor tales we discussed earlier. 

Here the witty Vampire is the storyteller and, he completes every story with questions or riddles. King Vikramaditya becomes the one who answers the questions. 

The vampire started narrating a story as it came and sat on the shoulders of the king.  

Many years ago, there lived king Chandradeep who ruled Devapuri. He had a daughter named Indumathi. She was brave and beautiful. 

She said she would marry the bravest prince. So, she announced to all her princely suitors a challenge. The challenge is that the participant has to climb a tall wall and jump down into the three-tiered cage of sharp knives. And, while doing so, they should not get hurt.

All the princes, one by one, found it impossible as it was a tall wall and the cage was down below and, the space between the knives was very little.  

None of them attempted. 

Kuruprashanna was a young man who was born with both his hands stunted. His stepmother ill-treated him when she came to know the boy who is handicap would be of no use to her.  

Kuruprashanna was watching all this and wanted to try his luck as there is nothing for me to lose because no one would weep over my death. I must take up this challenge and show my lamenting stepmother that I can face life. To everyone’s surprise, he climbed the tall wall jumped into the knife cage without getting hurt. Everyone applauded his brave act. And before anybody could ask him anything, he said, I don’t want to marry the princess. I did this as I can change the opinion my stepmother has on me and my disability. He said and walked away.

Vampire: Oh, king! Do you think Kuruprashanna was wrong to deny marrying the princess after having won the challenge? 

  King Vikramaditya:  No, I think he was right as he was fully aware of his handicap that bothered his stepmother. He only wished that she changed her opinion about him. She should not any longer feel that he was no good. Instead, she should know that where people with no handicap had failed, he could, despite his handicap, come out a victor. That, for him, was the biggest reward of his life. 

The Vampire said, you are a great king and, it is my time to leave your shoulder and get back to the tree.

Self-Help from Vikramaditya & the Vampire

3 Self help thoughts to ponder upon

  1. What others think of you will not affect your success. But your victory depends on what you believe about yourself. 
  2. Bravery becomes easy if you decide not to die as a coward. 
  3. No disability can stop you from emerging as a winner until you are confident.

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