5 Amazing Reasons Why I Blog?

  1. Blogging gives me strength.
  2. It gives me hope
  3. It gives me joy.
  4. It gives me courage.
  5. It has blessed me with a group of blissful people called friends.
Celebrating the 150th blog post on The Thank You Blog
  1. Blogging gives me strength

To begin with, blogging or the digital way of writing has bestowed its immense power on me. It has been my strength when I did not even believe in my capabilities. I started writing because I found strength in the words I wrote.

I can understand the question that nag’s your mind, my readers, How can someone get strength from words they wrote themselves. It is possible, as every word I wrote on my blog gave me the courage to believe in myself. It is true that when you are unable to help yourself, no one can. It was the primary reason for my inclination towards my blog’s niche self-help.

Talking about about food technology my other niche is easy because it was my major in U.G. I will be writing new food technology posts soon on my blog.

2. Blogging gives me hope

Hope has a beautiful meaning on my blog.

E-energy and effort towards life is hope and is the beginning of joy.

My blog helps me have that optimistic and persistent energy and effort always in life.

I named my blog The Thank You Blog, as I think that it is a word that not only symbolizes gratitude but it gives you a reason to smile every time you come across it. And it is a part of anything that we do, be it buying a plane ticket or buying a flower bouquet to gift someone on their special day.

3. Blogging gives me joy

The joy to understand my perspective in life. It helps me be more sensitive and understand life from others’ perspectives too.
It not only gives me my space to be happy but gives reasons to spread happiness to others through my words.

4. Blogging gives me courage

It gives me the courage to accept myself with my flaws. It gives me the courage to believe that I have something to fall back on for support. Even on my not-so-good days, I have my intuition saying, hey! You are blogging and, that is good already.

5. It has blessed me with a group of blissful people called friends.

In life, we all like to take pride in the effort and hard work we do. There is a time in life we realize our success is never possible without the support and encouragement from others as nothing can be achieved all by ourselves.

Blogging has given me friends who believe in my efforts or, I can say, never in my life, if not in blogging, I would have been blessed to have trustworthy friends genuinely cheering me and supporting me in all that I do to carve a place for myself in the blogging world.

The post is the 150th post of the blog that made me a blogger and, it is a part of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon and is about me and my blog.

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  1. Congratulations!!…Nice to see how blogging has had a positive impact on you.
    I just started blogging and enjoy doing it.
    As you said…it brings a smile when you find someone has visited your site and commented
    Feel nice actually
    My site is
    Would appreciae if you could visit and give your valuable suggestions


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