5 Essential Tips to Write a Gripping Witty Tale

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  1. A well-written issue or problem or conflict

makes the reader think of reading the story until they complete it. 

2. A problem that interests the reader is the driving factor for the story to progress. 

 In the tale of the brave princess, the problem arises when she puts forward a dangerous challenge to the princely suitors who want to marry her. 

If it were a sword fight or archery, the princes from the neighboring kingdoms would have found it easy.

The way the princess posed the challenge of climbing a tall wall and then jumping into a low cave made of knives placed with little distance between them and not to get hurt in the process made it a tiring challenge next to impossible for the participants.

3.The hard the problem is picturized, it will make the main character do the best they can to solve the problem. 

4 When the main character has a strong reason that forces it to solve the problem, It gives its hundred percent to solving it. 

In the story of Kuruprashanna, his cruel stepmother and her ill-treatment motivate him to take up the difficult challenge without even worrying about his life.

5. The efforts and steps they take to overcome the problem make the readers enjoy the story. The story in which all the questions in a given issue get answered becomes a great read. 

5 Tips to Write a Gripping Tale

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