5 Self-Help Thoughts From the Tale of the Strange Cat’s Owner

Once When the king was sitting in his court, he heard voices outside.What is the commotion outside find out ordered the king to his guards?

A guard returned with the village headman. What is your problem? asked the king. Oh, our mighty king! Our village has plenty of rats, and our farmers suffer an immense loss as the rats destroy their fields. Please, do something to save us from this misery, pleaded the village headman.

OK, I will discuss with my ministers and find a way to get rid of the rats, assured the king.On the next day, the king discussed the problem with his ministers and asked for suggestions.One minister said we would give a cat to each household, as we all know a cat eats a rat. While another minister but how will the poor people feed the cat intervened another minister. That’s not a problem if we give a cow along with a cat so that the cow’s milk is the food to the cat, said the king.

And the next day, a cat and a cow were given to each family. And even our witty hero received a cat and a cow.Everyone fed the cat with milk and, within few days the, cats became plump and healthy.Then, he thought to himself, what a dumb idea? I will not give milk to the cat, he decided.The witty hero quickly thought of a plan. So, he went inside and brought some steaming hot milk in a bowl and placed it before the cat. The cat eagerly licked the milk.

The moment it licked the milk, it jumped and ran off shouting. The next day the witty placed a bowl of milk before the cat, the moment the cat saw the milk, it ran away.Instead of the cat, the witty hero and his family had a feast with milk every day.One day the king announced that he wants to see the cats he gave.The next day as the king ordered, everyone brought their cats.
The king was happy to see everybody’s cats healthy.

But, when he saw the witty hero’s lean cat, he was shocked and said, what happened, why, is it so?The witty hero said, what to do? It is not drinking the milk. The moment it sees the milk, it runs away. I am helpless.I don’t believe it. How does a cat hate milk? That is impossible, said the emperor. You can check it yourself, replied the witty hero and asked a guard to bring some milk. The cat jumped from his hands and ran away when it saw the milk.The king ordered his guards to catch the cat, and, when he examined its mouth, he found blisters on its tongue.Now I get it, said the emperor to himself and said to the witty hero, you have given hot milk to the cat, and that is why it gets scared and runs away.

Oh, my majesty, forgive me said, the witty hero. I would say you must take care of the people.The milk should be given to the people and not to the cat. Moreover, the cat with an empty stomach will hunt for rats? If the cat’s stomach is already filled, it is not going to hunt for the rats. The purpose itself is defeated. I understand the truth now, said the king and gave the witty hero a bag of gold coins for his wisdom.

Let me know the the comments of the witty hero and the emperor in the comments below.

5 Self help thoughts to ponder upon

  1. Any emotion we display is a result of our experience and the lesson we learn from it.
  2. To act promptly, one needs to have empathy.
  3. it is not always about giving solutions. But it must be the effective one in solving the problem.
  4. Even if you do something wrong but you know at the end of the day it is going to be for a good purpose and, when your conscience is aware of your right intention, you can go for it.
  5. A heart with wisdom that can help others solve the problem in the most practical way is always rewarded.
Self-Help from the Strange Cat Owners Tale

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