Book Review Broken & Beautiful

Broken & Beautiful

Book Blurb

Priyanka Joshi is a mental health blogger and poetries are cathartic to her, this book is a collection of 36 English poems, written over a span of 3 years, portraying the perils of holding on, letting go and all the things in between, things no one talks about. She is the founder of Sanity Daily, a mental health portal and “Broken and Beautiful” is the author’s 4th published work. Writing gives hope and poems adds expression to the feelings and emotions. Hope you enjoy reading “Broken and Beautiful”.

About the Author


The book has a compilation of 36 poems written by a brave poetess who believes in her dreams and works wholeheartedly to fulfill them. She has put her thoughts in a beautiful way and has presented the book with words that resonates with the reader and inspires them to raise up stronger each time they fall. The poems in the book will compel you think about the happiness you accomplish when you dare to walk through the obstacles of life with courage and emerge as a winner.

Here, are a few lines that penetrated my soul and motivated me to write a review for this book.

  1. I belong here

this is between me and my words

the ink and the paper

I reside somewhere in between my pen and those bare pages

I breathe in these words

I write to express

I am sorry if you are not impressed

I am creating my own space

within my pace … read more of these lines from the poem words & me.

I lost count of how many times I read and reread these lines as I felt myself in these words.

2. For all the steps I take

In order for me to make

a life of my dream for that lasting gleam

for the enormous space to stay in the race

I get up everyday,

I fight all my fears, I smile bright, hiding all my tears,

I have a vision which does not let me sleep…

Read more of these lines from the poem beyond me and let me know if by any chance it failed to inspire you.

3. Live in the present, breathe in breathe out and as you do so

you become aware of your existence…

the moment you touch your inner chord of survival

you will be in harmony with your mind, body and soul.

Read more of these lines from the poem quest for inner peace and I am sure you will experience the peace that dwells within you.

4. No matter how mountain-high the

difficulties appear to be,

they are all terrible but delusions…

Crush your fear and it banishes…

face your fear and it vanishes..

Hold on to the heights, be steady…

and avoid criticism and be life ready…

Read more of these lines from the poem be brave I am sure these lines will serve as a soil and strengthen your soul.

And, these last five lines of the book,

If you are trying

to heal from what you went through

take pride in your pain


you are broken and beautiful

will surely help every soul fighting their life’s battles to heal, feel good and rise up stronger and will not allow them even to give a thought to give up their dreams.

This book is the first self help poetry book I have ever reviewed.

I want to thank the Author for giving me this blessed opportunity of reading and reviewing her book.

To buy the book

To know more about the work she does in the pursuit of raising mental health awareness you can visit

The Thank You Blog Review.

The Quote holds apt for this blogger, author and poetess.

This post is also the final post for the creative writing series.

Here are tips from the writer herself to begin writing poetry.

“Poetries are relieving, when you allow your raw emotions to flow like a river you capture the most beautiful verses. Write without being judgemental about your thought patterns and edit in the end. Enjoy the freedom of expression”.

The post is part of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon August 2021. Visit to know more.

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