Things to Remember While Writing Enjoyable Ends to Wit & Humor Tales

 Let us discuss the incredible problem solving done by the wit and humor hero in the previous post, as it is the vital part of the story that needs to be enjoyable to give it a happy ending.

The witty hero first understands and analyzes the problem presented in a perspective that benefits the victim. He puts himself in the place of the poor farmers that makes him a great problem solver. 

He with, his presence of mind, and comes up with a witty yet intelligent idea, in which he follows an innovative way that is logically right. And gives a valid reason behind his perception/ Understanding and thus proves that his actions that lead to the solution are ideal in solving the problem the best way possible.

In the story, Raman threatens the cat by giving it hot milk on the first day. And, from the next day, the fear of burning its tongue forces the cat to show the strange behavior of running away whenever it sees the milk.

Tenali Raman does this because he understands that giving the cow’s milk to the cat will satisfy the hungry cat even before it hunts for the rats that destroy the fields. He concludes by saying the purpose of giving cats to gets rid of the rats itself is defeated.

Things to remember while writing enjoyable endings.

I hope you all enjoyed the creative writing simplified series.

If you want me to continue with the #Creative writing simplified series, do let me know the comments below.

The post is a part of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon August 2021.

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