Food technology

3 Facts You Never Knew About Food Technology

Now, there is an infinite number of websites, pages talking about food. The variety of food, recipes for cooking tasty food, cooking different cuisines, the health benefits food can offer.

But this page is unique and different. The food technology panel of The Thank You Blog will help you enter a world that comes up when food and technology come together.

  1. Food technology is the application of food science to the selection, preservation, processing, packaging of food and ensures the highest level of food safety.

2. This food processing industry takes help from engineering, analytical chemistry, biotechnology, nutrition, quality control, and food safety management, making it a separate branch of engineering.

3.Who are food technologists or food engineers?

Food engineers are people ensuring that your food store shelves remain stocked with bagged and boxed foodstuffs that are nutritious and safe to consume.

Chefs are those great people who cook tasty and healthy food with a product that is processed, packaged, checked quality, and ensured safe by a food technologist.

It is food technologist who gives different shapes to your pasta and packages it well. While your chef unpacks and cooks it and presents it, so you enjoy it.

There will be eight posts about food technology and top trends in this field that will help you get great information and help you make a wiser food choice.

Today being Engineers day I dedicate this post to the food engineers who make a variety of food available for everyone on the planet and ensure food quality and safety for the consumers.

We Food Engineers do exist and make your food world more interesting.

Happy Engineers Day to all the engineers out there! Let your work make the world’s life easy.

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  1. I am so glad, I came across your blog. One of my students is contemplating choosing food technology as his choice of career. I am going to share your links with him. Excited about this theme.


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